Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Week In Words - 04/28 ...

Life This Week - 

This week was a doozy!
Monday morning was a grocery shopping-haircuts-making the down payment on Kollin's Mission Trip-had to have a Starbucks-kind of morning. I'd much rather get as much done in one outing with these four than to stretch it out over a couple days. So we were off by 9:00 and home by noon, just in time for naps. 

It's a good thing my kids like having their haircut since it grows so dang fast. On the downside of that, I think haircuts for kids are way over priced. Kollin's hair can just be buzzed - Kolt, Kruz and Kohen have to have scissor cuts - totals me to almost $40.00. Craziness. I say Great Clips needs a Frequent Customer Card.

We also had dentist appointments this week. I look forward to this day every six months. Not only do my kids get a good mouth scrubbin', but I get to see all the ladies (and Dr. Brian when he's there) that I worked with for such a long time. As always, the boys had great check ups and are all remaining in the No Cavity Club! Thank the Lord!

I laughed when I looked over and saw both Kollin and Kolt laying in the chairs with their feet crossed. Once again - like Big Brother, like Little Brother. 

On top of visiting at the office, Holly aka Momma Holly aka Travis'-Somehow-Distant-Cousin treated us to lunch after we were finished - which was so nice and well, a treat. This lady and I became so incredibly close during the time I worked at the office and well, she literally is family to us. Thanks Momma Holly for lunch!

There's more. 
Kolt joined karate this week and this Momma has officially become a photographer solely for her own. 
More on those happenings in posts to come. 

School This Week - 

We had a productive and fun school week. I really can't ask for more than that. We started telling time last week and Kollin abruptly asked me from the get go, "Why do I have to know how to tell time like this when everything is digital?" Good grief. Kids these days. 

I have lots of curriculum reviews going on right now and one of them happens to be for history. In learning more about the Native Americans, one of our projects was to build a teepee. After several war wounds on my arms and legs, I will say we successfully built a teepee. That lasted for a day. 

Favorite Snap

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