Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spring Vacation Part One ...

Our Spring Family Vacation has come and gone. Snap. Just like that. 

You know how vacation goes with little ones. It's normally Day Three that a good routine has been established and then by that point it's almost over. 

Last Monday was mostly a driving day. Our plan was to leave at 6:00 and when we pulled out of the driveway at 7:30 Travis and I totally high-fived each other. Only an hour and a half behind, heck yea! By the time we made our stops to stretch and eat, we made it there just in time to get a little bit of beach and pool in. 

We had a late dinner at Schooners (one of our favorite spots) and watched the sun go down while we ate. The kids were so well behaved at dinner and it was so enjoyable. Y'all know there are not many late dinners with little ones that you walk way actually relaxed and full from having been able to eat your entire dinner. If you want a good Grouper sandwich in Panama City, go to Schooners! 

And I knew it was all too good to be true. A relaxing dinner, the kids went to bed quietly, I found myself reading on the balcony listening to the waves crash, Travis and I went to bed early ... 
Kolt was back to barfing at 3:00.

Tuesday morning I was up before 6:00 and in the Fitness Center to do my morning walking. Talk about enhancing this Momma's vacation? It was great having that quiet time alone in the mornings to get myself ready for the day and to do some talkin' with Jesus. After I walked on the treadmill for a couple miles with the view of the Gulf in front of me, I headed to Target for some Organic 100% Grape Juice. I heard from a friend of mine and read on several Mommy Blogs how this juice will prevent the stomach bug from thriving and at this point, I am willing to give anything a go. After breakfast on Tuesday, we packed up and headed down to the beach. Kruz was ill, Kohen screamed every time a wave crashed and Kollin and Kolt fought over sand. Seriously? Sand? There are millions of grains of sand and they fought over a spot in the sand. Good Lord. To say this particular morning started off rough would be an understatement. After about an hour of chaos and folks giving us the whole 'you-have-your-hands-full' look, the Hubs and I finally had four nice boys who allowed us to relax for a little while. 

After naps, we decided to stay in for dinner and we grilled out at the condo. We spent the rest of the night enjoying Pier Park, eating ice cream and having Starbucks. The Big boys were able to spend their money and ended up with Croc bracelets and some Hot Wheels Jibbitz. Well, for Kolt and Kruz they had to be worn like anklets. That's what Kruz is obviously so excited about in that picture down there ... 

Wednesday. Awe Wednesday. You were a good one. We finally had a good little niche going. Of course, it was our last full day there. We enjoyed it though and soaked it all up. The boys had such a great morning at the beach - it was a no fighting, no complaining, Grand Slam over the fence - kind of day. 

We headed up for lunch and naps. And just when all was quiet again, someone in the building felt the need to pull the fire alarm as a Ha-Ha-Funny-Joke. Of course we didn't know that until after we frantically woke up four children, threw Lord only knows what into the diaper bag, lugged them down 21 flights of stairs and paid way too much in the heat of the day to see Rio 2 (which was so stupid if you ask me). Oh well, such is life. 

Pompano Joe's was on the menu for dinner. It was our first time ever and to be honest, we weren't too impressed. The Reggae Rolls we had for our appetizer were yum, but our meals were just sort of meh. You can tell in the picture down there that Kohen obviously didn't get his nap out, thanks to the fire alarm going off. 

Thursday morning was a frantic packing one, we checked out by 9:30 and headed to the ocean for the last time at the Gulf. Lets just say we left with a BANG

We loaded up in the car feeling yucky, oily and sandy. But! 
Stay tuned for the second half of our vacation. Yep.

 There's more ...

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