Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Twenty Nine Weeks, Four Days ...

I had a doctor's appointment to check up on Miss Khloe Ruth this morning. I packed up all the boys and took them over to my Dad's since he was off today. Yes, he's a brave man. 

During the appointment, I mentioned to my midwife I've had quite a bit of cramping the past few days and yesterday I had some spotting. Of course she does one of those wonderful "checks" and you ladies know what I'm talking about. Good news is my cervix is good to go and closed up. I did find out I have a yeast infection and a bladder infection. She suggested I be on light bed rest for the next two weeks until my next appointment just to be safe. No more picking up Kohen, take it easy on my daily two mile walks and to climb our stairs as little as possible during the day ... 

So she goes to measure my fundus and measures not once, not twice but three times. I see this look on her face and I knew she was concerned with something. She mentioned how I measured small at my last visit, but I was measuring even more so behind at this visit. She ordered a growth ultrasound for a week away. As I'm checking out and she comes to find me, saying she changed her mind. She decided to send me to Piedmont Fayette to have an ultrasound done immediately. Her main concern was Intrauterin Growth Retardation, which basically means the baby doesn't grow at the normal rate that it should inside the womb. Going to the hosptial definetly wasn't planned as part of my day, but I was thankful she was proactive on the situation. 

I forgot how fun triages were. It seems as though there is always drama on the other side of the curtain in there. Today was a fun episode of the doctor explaining to the expectant mother that even though her doctor said it was okay to have an "occasional" beer, it really wasn't okay. That conversation was followed by big sobs and I'm pretty sure embarrassment. I did get in a small nap while waiting for the ultrasound though, that was a plus. 

So the results are this: she's perfect. She is measuring a little bit smaller, right at 28 weeks 6 days for just about everything. She weighs 2 pounds, 15 ounces. She has a little bit of hair already and I pray it keeps growing for all the bows I have!

In this picture, her eyes are open! This was a first for me to see on an ultrasound ... 

I hope you can see her face as good as I can. I can't help but grin at those chubby cheeks!

Here is a glimpse at her percentile rate. Right smack in the middle. She's just perfect!

So overall today was a little crazy and totally unplanned. I have been given orders to up the calories in my diet and to take it easy. In the words of my husband, "So basically, you were told to chill out and eat more. That's awesome!" 

If you were expecting a vacation post, don't worry - it's coming soon!

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