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TOS Review - Apologia Educational Ministries (Flourish: Balance For Homeschool Moms)

Flourish Book Review
What is Apologia Educational Ministries?

Apologia Educational Ministries has been a total favorite around here in our homeschool, for both myself and the kiddos. We have had the opportunity to use so many of their wonderful products and have never been disappointed. If you are unfamiliar with Apologia, here is a quick overview of their company. Apologia is a curriculum company based solely for homeschooling families. This company offers several different subjects from Science to History to Language Arts to Biblical Worldview. They also offer products for parents as well. You can check out their website,, for all of their great products!

As mentioned above, Apologia offers different products for parents alongside the curriculum they provide for students. Apologia has recently added a new book just for homeschooling Moms titled, Flourish: Balance For Homeschool Moms

Flourish: Balance For Homeschool Moms is a book written by Mary Jo Tate, a seasoned homeschooling Mom. Since 1997, Mary Jo has homeschooled her four sons, along with being successful in many other areas. She has written several books, teaches high school literature for a homeschool co-op, blogs at Flourish at Home: Joyful Balance For Busy Moms and hosts a radio show, "Flourish At Home" on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. 

Flourish Book Review

Obviously, balance is a must in Mary Jo's life. In this book, she shares her personal story, her struggles and a great plan to overcome a busy schedule, thriving along the way in life as homeschooling Mom. Throughout the book, she acknowledges the lives of stay-at-home Moms, single Moms, working Moms. Mary Jo Tate leaves no one out as she gives practical advice for how to balance life. 

Flourish: Balance For Homeschool Moms is only $15.00.

What I Received and How I Used It:

For this review, I received a soft cover copy of Flourish: Balance For Homeschool Moms by Mary Jo Tate. When the book came in the mail, I looked at the cover and knew I would love it. It's so pretty, calming and inviting. It is one of those books you want to curl up in the bed with or on the couch with, light a candle and just indulge yourself. And well, that is pretty much what I did. 

Most of my reading is done when the children are napping or after they have headed off to bed. 

To say this book could not have come at a more prefect time is no understatement. This school year, I am adding Kruz (4) to the mix 3 days a week, in which I am certain Kohen (2) is going to want to be right alongside of his Big Brother and Bestest Bud. So not only are we adding a full preschool curriculum this year, but our family is also adding a new Baby Sister any day now. All in all, next year's homeschool is going to look completely different than last year's. I needed this book. I needed to be filled with ideas, encouragement and ways to thrive as a homeschooling Momma with a busy life. 

Over the past few weeks, I have read just about this entire book and am looking forward to finishing it up soon.

Flourish Book Review

What I Thought About It All?

I have had the pleasure to take part of this wonderful ministry, Apologia Educational Ministries, by using their products several times over the past couple years in our homeschool. Some of the products were ordered by choice and others were given to us by way of review. When I say I have never been disappointed, that is no understatement. Myself and my children have always loved what has come our way from Apologia Educational Ministries. And of course, Flourish: Balance For Homeschool Moms, has been no different. 

I would say this book is for all of us homeschooling Moms who are at all different seasons. Whether you are starting out fresh or have been homeschooling for years, this book acknowledges all different stages of this journey. 

There have been several different spots in the book that have really resonated in my mind, others in my heart. One of my favorite chapters so far has been Chapter 6: What Do I Do Next? In this chapter, Mary Jo provides Seven Essential Planning Tools that allow us to focus on goals and where we are at with them. Another chapter encourages us Moms  to rest. And sometimes, I need to be reminded that is okay for me to rest. Another chapter encourages us Moms to create a time log and assess where our time is really going each and every day. 

I really could go on and on, but I think I have said enough that all the homeschooling Moms reading this are going to grab this book and consider it a gold mine.

Important Information:

Price: $15.00

Along with the purchase of this book, you will also receive downloadable links to loads of extras like To-Do Lists, Schedules and Planners. 

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