Friday, July 11, 2014

To Kruz: While You Were Three ...

Oh . My . Lord, Child of Mine, there is no one like you. And that's pretty much the only way to describe you, along with a few extra words - independent, feisty, caring, sassy, strong-willed and so thoughtful. Being three was such a big year for you. I feel like you went from half-Baby-half-Big-Kid to all-the-way-Big-Kid. 
A lot happened since last July ... 

Over the past year, you and Kohen have pretty much become the best of friends. And I have loved watching you two become so close. You and Kohen started sharing a room and you both absolutely love it. I hear you in the middle of the night, soothing Kohen back to sleep. You stick up for him. You fix him a cup every.single.morning. You always have tabs on where his paci is. You play with him, teach him and just randomly kiss on him throughout the day. I can just see you guys in 20 years from now, being those brothers, the ones who hang out all the time - not because you're family, but because you are best friends

You are still obsessed with mowers and would still rather be outside with your Daddy than any other place in the world. 

You are a hard worker. I mean, hard. 

You started learning your letters this year and can recognize just about all of them. You have learned how to spell and write your name. You drew your first self portrait. 

You made me have school work for you every day, so you could be like your brothers. 

Your favorite color is orange.

You are funny when it comes to getting dressed. You always have to "match", even when you are just in play clothes. You have specific shirts that are only for church, you say. Your favorite shoes are your Toms and you wear them proudly just about every day. You must have on sunglasses and you love to wear hats. 

For Halloween you decided to tag alongside Kollin and Kolt (shocker) and dressed as a ninja. We did our Trick or Treating in YahYah's neighborhood and as we walked down the street to the next house, you called your Daddy over to someone's yard and said, "Daddy! Come here. You have got to feel this grass."

For Christmas, Santa brought you a Leapster along with some other goodies. We thought you would love it and to be honest, you really didn't. You're just not a gamer. You are so much more of an outside kid and have played with your soccer net that YahYah got you much, much, much more. That and the flippin' BB gun your PawPaw bought you. When he asked about buying you that, I told him it had to stay at his house. It has and you love to shoot with him when you go over and spend the day. 

While you were three, you had your first real snow. You hated having to be bundled so much, but you loved sledding down the hills in our neighborhood. 

You have become such an early bird. You are just about always my first one to wake up. Your morning ritual is to come get in my bed and watch videos of yourself on my phone or take a hundred self portraits of yourself. 

While you were three, you started Rainbows at church. You have earned several badges and have learned five very important rules from Mrs. Katherine:
1. Follow directions quickly.
2. Raise your hand for permission to speak. 
3. Keep your hands and your feet to yourself.
4. Make smart choices. 
5. Keep your dear teacher happy.
You can recite these and it's just about the cutest thing I've ever heard. 

You love to pick me flowers from the yard.

You have become quite the champ at going to the dentist. Your first couple cleanings were awful and Mommy had to hold you in her lap, now you just climb up in the chair like a rockstar! 

While you were three, you found out you were going to be a BIG brother to a baby sister.  You are always asking questions about her, when she will be here and are always telling me what you are going to teach her about. You call her Baby Khloe and you are always rubbing (and kissing) on my belly. 

You love the beach and the pool and you just about got the swimming thing down. 

You still take naps, most days. And believe me, I rejoice like crazy on these days. 

While you were three, you went to your first VBS. I was worried you'd cry each day when I left. On the first day, I was shocked. You walked right in, started coloring and talking to your teacher like you'd known her for years. You got a little teary on day four and five, but you felt so accomplished at the end of the week. You earned a new tag for your necklace every day and you love wearing it all the time. I was so proud of you for going all week!

You are obsessed with making tooting noises on your arm. 

You love PAW Patrol and Mickey Mouse. 

Well, kiddo. I think I'm about out of things to type from your three year old self. Now you are four, FOUR! I am blessed and grateful to be your Mommy, to laugh with you, teach you and watch you make accomplishments each day. You make me laugh till I cry and you drive me absolutely crazy all in the same day. You are so strong willed and even though we butt heads most days, we always work it out. And I love those moments when we hug and kiss and giggle and cuddle. 

Kruz Amon Nichols, Mommy loves you!!

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