Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mission Trip to Honduras: Post One

My kid is alright y'all. 

I mean he does look like he has grown quite a bit in the last day, but other than that he's okay. 

After only 700 attempts to connect on FaceTime, we were finally able to get through to each other. 
Kollin was so excited to tell me all about his adventures today. After their devotion this morning, they started work on building the church. He said there wasn't a whole lot he could do today, everything was "real heavy", but he was able to spend time with the children that are where they are building at. According to Kollin, he had three "little Hondurian girls" chasing him around all day. He also mentioned not having a clue what he ate tonight. Oh dear. 

(A few of the precious kiddos there, this photo is from Mrs. Susan who is there with our group.)

Then there was this other guy I got to talk to. 
Man, I miss him. 
Like ... bad

So here is to starting another 24 hour countdown until I can see them tomorrow night.

Please continue to pray for our ladies and dudes as they work in Honduras. 

(This pictures includes all the guys from the three churches there to help build the church, this photo is also from Mrs. Susan.)

And pray the soggy fish my husband ate tonight doesn't kill him ... 

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