Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Flu-mas Eve ...

She has the flu y'all. My sweet baby girl has the flu. We heard back from the doctor early this afternoon and now they tell us to isolate her, throw her pacifiers away and so on and on and on. Great timing since all of us just can't help but love on her all the time. 

So it's me and this sweet girl tonight while all the rest of the brood are at a family Christmas get-together. And it's sad y'all. Spending the night here, on the couch, by my lonesome, eating store bought cheese dip for dinner, watching A Madea Christmas is not how I saw this going. But such is life sometimes. 

We did get a smile out of her earlier. Well, her Daddy got a smile out of her.

And now my Klo is sound asleep. Which is a wonderful thing considering she wants to nurse for comfort and cries the whole she eats and wants to be held but cries every time I touch her. Breaks this Momma's heart. 

So Merry Christmas Eve to y'all. And Merry Flu-mas Eve to us. Keep praying for us! 

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