Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Nichols Brood Christmas ...

Last Christmas, I swore this Christmas would be different. 

I swore I would be all chipper and elfish, whatever the heck that means, and jolly and giddy. I swore the house would be decorated, inside and out. And speaking of outside decorations, well they would auh-ma-zing. I would shop early and wrap in that fancy, shiny wrapping paper with bows galore. Our Christmas cards would be on time this year. And we would deliver cookies and baked goods to our neighbors and local fire department. 

And so it goes that December got here in the blink of an eye and I finally put out a few decorations last week and sent out our Christmas cards on Christmas Eve. There was no baking or crafting up until today. And not a single light hung up outside. I even gave in to my "I will never, ever, never, never have an artificial tree" charade and let Travis buy one at Home Depot. The Hubs and I shopped just a few days before Christmas and kept presents pretty slim this year. And for the first time ever, we vowed not to buy for each other knowing the money really wasn't there this year.   

It just didn't feel like Christmas this season. 

And so it goes on. We got up Christmas morning and like all the years before, we read the Christmas story first and then watched the babes rip into their presents. And of course no one noticed it was slimmer this year than the years before. I mean Kohen was so stoked about his simple new Jake sippy cups. Ha! I am thankful I know that it's not about what is under the tree, but instead what is gathered around it. 

Travis played with Kruz' new Nerf gun more than he did and we heard cars going down the tracks all morning. And after a few attempts and some help from the Hubs, Kollin got one of his Lego Technix built. 

We made our Mother Goose Time ornaments and rice crispy treats. The ornaments were super easy and fun! I mean, if glitter is involved, then it's fun. 

And baked cookies to take to the local fire department. 

Even though I didn't get decorations up outside and our Christmas cards were a day late, Christmas was still Christmas. I guess I'm learning it doesn't have to be perfect for it to be, well, perfect

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their families this year! 

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