Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Missing Summer ...

This summer was a good one. I mean, yeah, I was miserable and swollen and exhausted and ill most of the time. But still, it was a good one. And I miss it.

I miss the sunshine. I miss my tan. I miss my friend Nicole. And even hearing Kollin and Josie bicker. I miss all the giggles the pool brings. I miss dipping the kids in the pool instead of in the tub. I miss it all.  

I know. It's December. So what kind of post is this? 

Well it's one of good memories. And it's one that makes up for my non-blogging-hermitness while being miserable in my last trimester. And it's one that makes me smile. 

So anyway, here is a look back to our summer ... 

We read. A lot.

We spent a lot of time with Josie and Gabe since they were moving away.  

The boys pretty much think my Dad is famous for racing at the Friday Night Drags. 

We were tan. 

We spent time smiling. A lot. 

We had lots of lunch dates at Mexican since the Hubs was working the late shift at Costco. This one just happened to be for Kolt's 6th birthday. 

We spent time soothing Kolt from lots of thunderstorms, this one just happened to be at the racetrack while we were waiting for a race to start. 

My Momma scored tickets to Thursday Night Thunder and even though we got rained out, the pizza before and the ice cream after made up for it. 

We ate way too much Chick-Fil-A since I was never up for cooking.  And still when we asked Kruz "If you could go anywhere for your birthday lunch, where would you go?" - we ended up at Chick-Fil-A.

We spent loads of afternoons at the new local splash pad. It was free.

We bowled a lot. It was free too.

We ate lots of cake. 

So yeah, it's December and I'm basking in the sun in my mind. 

Maybe I'll wake up tanned. Here's to wishing ...

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