Wednesday, December 10, 2014

When You Have To Give Them Back ...

There is something too special to describe about having our children dedicated.

 To some, this is taken lightly. And others may not even understand what a dedication is for. For Travis and I, we cherish these sweet mornings in which our children are dedicated. 

In our eyes, we are giving them back to the One who created them. 

We are giving Him the glory for blessing us, for trusting us, for allowing us to be their parent. We are asking God to guide us in guiding them and to help us in being the very best parent we can for them. We are asking for protection over their little lives. We are praying that they will seek His face and yearn after His Word. 

We are making it known that we trust God with their lives. 

We are proclaiming that we will raise them in His liking. 

Travis cried and I smiled. I love the way he loves her.

(Kruz is hiding) 

(Thank you MawMaw for this sweet dress and Bible for Khloe) 

This Bible is so precious and sweet. MawMaw found this and gave it to Khloe alongside her dress. This Bible was carried with her through her dedication and is meant to be carried with her as she goes down the aisle when she is married. I know, I know. I can't even go there. 

Khloe Ruth Nichols was dedicated back to the Lord on Sunday, December 7, 2014.
 Thank you Lord for this beautiful blessing. 

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