Saturday, January 17, 2015

When Your Life Looks So In Tune With the Zoo ...

Yesterday we brought back our 'Nichols Friday FunDay'. And the kids were pretty excited about it. These days became more and more infrequent as the holidays came through along with finals too. 

So this Friday we were determined to make it happen. 

We packed a lunch and headed to Zoo Atlanta

We sort of went backwards and landed at the kangaroos in the beginning instead of the end. And wouldn't you know, the first interaction I come to is a Momma Kangaroo nursing her Joey. Seriously y'all. It was the sweetest. The Momma just stopped all that she was doing to sit there oh so still and nurse her baby. I feel ya Momma, I feel ya. 

Kohen was so much fun to take! This is the first time we have gone when he actually wanted to interact with the animals and was interested and amazed at how ginormous an elephant actually is. 

I'm pretty sure we stopped and watched the gorillas for at least 30 minutes or so. We watched a few of the Gorilla Children (so proper right?) aggravate the snot out of each other and bang their fists on their chests in such a territorial way and knock each other out of the hammock and on and on and on. I don't think they ever sat still. Papa Gorilla got fed up at some point and rushed in (banging his chest of course) to get those kiddos under control. All the while, Momma Gorilla and Baby Gorilla cuddled on the hill. One Gorilla Child was obviously a teenager and went off to pout after getting in trouble and two of them started aggravating each other again just as soon as Daddy Gorilla turned around. 

Seriously. It was like watching my life in a Gorilla World.

Here are a few more from our day ...

P.S. I think I'll hang this sign up in our home while potty training Kohen -

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  1. It has been ages since I have taken time to catch up on my blog reading. I'm glad I found your post on the Atlanta zoo. Your gorilla/teenager analogy was priceless. We love zoos as well and only live about four hours away from Atlanta. We'll have to look into visiting in the near future.

    Tim @ Families Again