Sunday, January 11, 2015

Our Favorites of December ...

Before you start seeing my brood explode into the Dinosaur Dig with Mother Goose Time this month, I wanted to share some of our most favorite activities from December.

Okay. So no. This has nothing to do with Mother Goose Time. But Good Lord, isn't she the cutest?

December's theme with MGT was Winter Wonderland, if I haven't mentioned that yet. And we had so much fun indulging in all of the fun activities that were specially planned by MGT! We learned about everything wintry and cold, from snowmen to snow leopards. 

There is so much art in MGT, which is such a hit with my kiddos. I've learned over the past couple years with homeschooling that I am a pretty cut and dry kinda Momma Teacher. I am all about the basics. With Mother Goose Time, all of the artsy ideas are done for me - which has made me the Fun Momma Teacher. During our first week, we made Snowflake Stamps. I wrote up an entire post about this great activity

Another massively wonderful quality of MGT is the foundation it lays for me to dig deeper. Sure, making these adorably wonderful Polar Bear Masks was fun. As we made these masks, we talked about the characteristics of these amazing animals and how they really keep warm in the Artic. 

Who knew a small paper cup would be the most perfect snout for a polar bear?

Oh and the penguins. These were so fun! And so cute! I had fun telling the boys how penguins mate for life. And even more fun telling them it was Daddy Penguin's job to lay on the Baby Penguin Egg until it hatches. Ha! 

And our last, but certainly not least favorite was making our ice skates. This activity came with an ice skate cutout, a sheet of foil and red yarn. Having the boys wrap the foil around the "blade" was a wonderful activity for practicing patience. This part of the activity took some time and thought processing about just how they would accomplish this task. Lets just say, I slipped into the kitchen for a quick clean up while Kollin, Kolt and Kruz meticulously made their own ice skates. They were concentrating so hard, I don't even thing they noticed I went to load the dishes from breakfast. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop (please send more activities like this).

Here are 2 of 3 finished projects. 

A big 
thank you
 to MGT for making December such a fun month for us! 

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