Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Get It Together ...

February has been a total whirlwind for me. 


From sitting at the auto repair shop having our van worked on (for three days in a row) to shopping for and buying Travis another truck to starting up our new Business Adventure with AdvoCare to Kolt having another double ear infection to my Khloe suddenly growing out of all of her winter clothes to running more errands than I choose to recall to the husband feeling the need to dismantle our mantle in order to make a newer, nicer one (eh, hum. I don't quite know what was wrong with the other one, but whatevs) to me starting a new 6:30 AM workout regimen to this month being the month that Travis is "Deacon of the Month" in which he has to be at the church loads earlier than normal to 

Um, have I said enough? 
Really, was it too much? 

Are you stressed out? 
Don't be.

Being on the go all.the.time is not my thing. 

Our time at the school table dwindled down to being happy that math was accomplished.
And I'm pretty sure that math was done in the car a few days too. 

And I would love to say I have handled this busyness with grace, but truth is with being gone every day of the week (which is completely out of my realm) comes a filthy, out of control house. And with that comes a frantic, stressed out Momma. 

At one point I found a banana peel in the bathroom floor behind the toilet. 
I can't make this stuff up. 

Khloe's room seems to be a catch all for laundry baskets, I am ashamed to say. 

Yesterday Kohen wet 7 pairs of underwear. The same kid who hasn't had a "wet" accident in a month. 

So the next few days I'll be getting my crap back together again.

Cooking real food again.
Spending time with that dude I call husband. 
Lord knows my bathrooms need a scrubbin'.

So Mommas. Questions. 
Do your days turn into weeks turn into months like this one? How do you get out of the funk and regain control?
 I need some words of wisdom here. 

P.S. Thank you MawMaw for my getaway to the nail salon. A mani and pedi were much needed in the midst of all this shenanigans. I love you! 

P.S.S. And a thank you to my husband who brought me home the MOST beautiful bouquet of flowers on Hearts Day. My house is filled with the smell of fresh flowers, my favorite!

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