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A Week in Words - 03/02 ...

Life This Week

I haven't done one of these posts in almost a year. But I like them. It's a nice little way to sum up our week, let you in on some of our craziness and oh how I love coming back to these later on to read. With that said, hope you enjoy this glimpse into our week ... 

This week we started a new schedule. And when I say schedule, I mean every minute of every day is scheduled. Right down to shower times. Something like this has been needed for a long time, I just never sat down to do it - to figure it all out - to type it all up. And I knew going into something so different than what we are used to would be hard in the beginning. This week was a trial run of it all. And by the end of Friday, my house was clean, all of our planned school work was done, the dog had been fed 5 days in a row and I still had my sanity. Needless to say, I think it's going to work out well.

We had to hit up Dr. Pott's office on Thursday to check on my sweet Klo. She started running a fever on Monday, no other symptoms, just a fever. I noticed her ears seemed to be sensitive so I was thinking she had an ear infection. By the time we got to the doctor Thursday, her fever was gone and she was back to her old smiley self. Must've just been a virus, something that needed to run it's course. It has been so great to see her smiles again!

And since Little Miss was feeling better, we headed over to my friend's house to play dress up again and take some more sweet pictures. Want to see one? Check out my Favorite Snap down there at the bottom. 

And by the way. When you can't find your baby, check your oldest ones room. I walked in to get Klo up from her nap on Friday and she was gone. I go into Kollin's room and find this sweet sight. The two of them on his bed, him talking all about his baseball cards and sharing them with her. 

This week I also got some one on one time with Kollin. This is another thing I am loving about our new schedules, we have added in one on one time with Kollin, Kolt and Kruz throughout the month. I took Kollin to karate this week, by myself, which never happens. And we shared some cheese dip at Mexican and talked. It was nice. So nice. And I taught him one of my inner kid secrets: the one where you scrunch up the straw paper really tight, drip water on it and watch it grow. Anybody else remember that one? Well he was pretty impressed. 

Our family got bigger this week too! We added a new cousin, sweet Baby Brooks to the crazy bunch! Isn't he a doll?

School This Week

This week we started our newest box of Mother Goose Time and are blasting off into space! Last month was so off for us and we missed a ton of Mother Goose Time. And by missed I mean we didn't get to do very many of the activities and we missed it. Like a lot. So this month we are learning about space, which can really be exciting for all age groups. I love to see Kollin and Kolt be able to learn as much with Kruz and Kohen on the same theme. We started the week off by opening our Balancing Moon, which has been entertainment in our house for hours this week! If you have tots and preschoolers, you need one of these things! Seriously. We made our stars, which was a favorite project from this week. 

Two things here. Number one: I love to see Kruz still wearing his Christmas PJs. And number two: Glitter will be the death of me. 

Along with a new Mother Goose Time theme, came moving onto our next PACE Math Book. This curriculum was new for us this year and we are loving it! I think we have found a favorite!


We finally had some nicer weather this week, so we hit up the park on Friday for Family Day! A little muddy from the rain earlier in the week, but this Momma survived! We topped off our Friday afternoon with some potato soup from O'Charley's - one of my favorites!

I love to see the husband with a kid on each side. 

Conversation Of The Week

Kollin: Mommy. Daddy says whatever I am now, is what I will become. Does that mean I'm going to jail when I get older?!?
Mommy: ...

Favorite Snap

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