Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Week In Words - 03/09

Life This Week - 

Number One: Time Change kicked my butt. And Klo's too apparently, since she slept in until after 10:30 on Monday and Tuesday!

And Number Two: Because I may or may not fall asleep in the middle of typing this, I'm giving you our week in a few quick sentences. 

Travis was on Spring Break!
We started a new (big) home project!
And we had a few days of gorgeous weather!

There ya go. Our life this week in a nutshell. 


School This Week

With Travis being home, it so hard to keep them behind the kitchen table doing school work! When he is home, they all want to be with him. Understandable I guess and another beautiful thing about homeschooling. 


Wednesday is our library day (according to the new schedule, in which I forgot and was so sweetly reminded by my 8 year old at 10:45 that Story Time started at 11:00). So somehow I miraculously wrapped up nursing Khloe and got out the door in ten minutes. You can just call me Super Mom. We made it to Story Time on time, this was our first time ever! And the kids loved it! Especially Kruz and Kohen! Kollin and Kolt were all, "This is so for babies". But I noticed them secretly (intently) listening to Froggy Gets Dressed. And caught a few giggle too. 

We needed some new lights for our new (big) home project, so Thursday we headed to Ikea. Can I just say every store should have Smalland? Really! 

Conversation Of The Week - 

I caught Kollin doing Talk to Text on my phone, texting my Momma about me "stressing out" about getting all of our crap ready to sell for the consignment sale next week:

"Yah Yah. I need your help now. My mommy is stressed out so please come here. We have some delicious chili for you and anything else. I love you very much. This is Kollin. My mommy is about to bust in tears. She is stress eating! Eating a cupcake. Thank you and I am dying."

Favorite Snap(s) - 

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