Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Week In Words - 03/23

Life This Week - 

It is Saturday night and I am in my pajamas and have been for a few hours. Good Lord, I love nights like this. I need nights like this. 

This week has been great! Although, I think any week following a week like the one before this past one, would be great. Know what I'm sayin'? 

For the most part, life was pretty low key. We did have a play date on Wednesday at the park and (swoon) it was wonderful. It was wonderful to see our friend Livi, it was wonderful to get to know a new friend, it was wonderful to sit and chat to another Momma of five about struggles and such. It was, just, wonderful. 

Here is Khloe and her newest friend and possible future husband. You can check out their family blog over at House Of Kent

We did StoryTime for the third time in a row this month. And I can see Kohen start to come out of his shell more and more. He's actually dancing to the 'get your wiggles out' song before the story and this week he pulled his own carpet square and sat with his brothers, without me. Huge step for him! 

This week I took Kruz out on a date, just the two of us. This child. Oh this child. 

He opened the door for me, without me saying anything. He picked O'Charley's for dinner and somehow landed both me and my Momma for dinner. And loved every second of it. After dinner, he insisted on "the place with the big brown cones" aka Dairy Queen. So we hit up the drive thru and ended up with this ginormous-dipped in chocolate-filled with M&M blizzard cone.

I should've known it would've been a dripping mess. We pulled over into a grassy spot and enjoyed our ice cream there.

Kruz: So this is what a date looks like?
Me: Well, yea. Sometimes dinner, but always something sweet. And I normally just talk to Kollin and Kolt.
Kruz: Talk?
Me: Yea, talk.
Kruz: Hi.

He ate about 10 bites (none of the actual cone) and was done. Go figure. 

Here are a few more random moments from the week.

Khloe (and Mommy) are loving her BowBands from Lindzee's Bowtique. And who knew how great Kruz would be at folding socks? Kohen plays in the walker more than Khloe does. And sometimes a baby girl just needs her Daddy to fall asleep with. And yes, I let Kollin drive across the church parking lot. 

I survived. 

School This Week - 

Kollin and Kolt finished up another PACES Math Book this week and have started to learn how to carry in addition problems. It has been fun seeing them faced with a challenge, something different. They both took to it easily though! They are both doing really well in Math this year, they must take after their Daddy in this department.

In Mother Goose Time we are continuing to blast through space. 

One thing we learned about this week was galaxies! We talked about what they're made up of, Earth's Milky Way (the study complete with a Milky Way bar of course) and made our own galaxies! Oh glitter, how I loathe thee.

I always make it a point to do Math with Kruz (and Kohen when he is in the mood to sit still) while Kollin and Kolt work in their PACES books. Every month MGT provides Math Cards with each box of curriculum. 

We love these cards! Love them! And I use them as a building block for more. I'll start with the easier ones and just continue to give him different addition and subtraction problems. We work through the advanced cards together. And those aluminum foil balls are our very own moon rocks. Ha! 

MGT also provides Folder Games each month. This month the game gives us practice on shapes. 


Friday was Family Day and we headed out to see Paddington at the Dollar Theater. It was cute. I mean what I saw of the darn thing. By the time I dished out popcorn, passed the drink around 387 times, nursed Khloe, fed her sweet potatoes and took Kohen potty - I might have seen about 10 minutes of it. But it was cute. 

Who am I kidding? I'll end of renting it to watch it because I didn't see a lick of it. 

Conversation of the Week

On our date, we stopped by TJ Maxx and Kruz picked out some new undies. Avengers undies. 

Me: Kruz, why did you pick out Avengers underwear? 
Do you even know what Avengers are?
Kruz: What's Avengers? That "A" - that "A" is for AdvoCare!
These are AdvoCare underwear! 

Favorite Snap -

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