Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mother Goose Time: Swirling Storms, Swirling Rings ...

It is only Tuesday and we have had so much fun already this week in Mother Goose Time

We are learning about the planets!

This morning we learned about Neptune and Saturn. 

MGT provided us with two fun art projects to learn about these two planets: 

For our Neptune project, the boys used a bouncy ball and a container to paint their own Neptune. I dabbled some paint in their container and they used the ball to swirl the paint around. At first I used a box lid, then I got smart and used a wipe container with a lid so the ball would stop flying out. They really got crazy (and not too messy to my surprise) and had a blast doing their projects.

After their paper was painted to their liking, they cut a circle out for their planet and glued them onto black paper. Then we added white circle stickers around their planet to represent the 14 moons of Neptune.

As the boys worked through their art projects we talked about how far away from the sun Neptune is, who his "neighbors" are, how many moons Neptune has and all about the storms in it's atmosphere. 

Once our Neptune were done and drying, we moved along to Saturn! This project allowed the boys to get up and move, so we did this in the middle of our homeschooling morning to let them get some energy out! 

Each boy made their own Saturn Ring by using a craft stick (decorated by themselves) with a long piece of satin blue ribbon attached to the end of it. 

Each month MGT provides us with a CD of fun tracks that relate to our theme! We danced to Swirling Saturn over and over and over again. The song talks about the rings around Saturn being made of ice and rocks - another fun tidbit they took in about this planet! We also played freeze with turning the song on and off and Kohen (2) loved it!

We had such a fun morning with Mother Goose Time today! 

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