Thursday, May 7, 2015

This Girl ...

Sugar Lump.

Lump of Sugar.


Boogie Bear.

Pretty Girl.



Khloe Ruth.

You've acquired so many sweet and goofy names in the past 9 months. You have swooped in and knocked every last one of us off of our feet, even Kohen. You smile as soon as your eyes pop open in the morning and who ever is in the room with you at the time smiles too. You're such a great baby, always happy (unless your sleepy), always laughing at your brothers. You love your jumper and jumping in my lap and for Heaven's sake I have never seen a Baby Girl love her Daddy like you love yours. Your whole body goes haywire as soon as he comes through the door. I am so thankful for that sweet bond I am already watching grow between you two.  You just started crawling last week and now I can't keep you in one spot to save my life. You weighed almost 17 pounds at your check up and all your brothers crowded around to comfort you when you had your finger pricked. Good grief. You are still nursing morning, noon and night and in between. You love yogurt! 

Sugar Lump, you are the best!

Happy Nine Months (and Two Days) to You!

Mommy loves you more each day!

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