Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Surgery and Such ...

Sunday was one of the best Mother's Day I have ever had. It was nothing fancy and it was nothing short of perfect. 

I woke up to a beautiful new wind chime, fresh flowers and muffins. The boys and I snuck downstairs to make a banana pudding for the husband (yes on Mother's Day, but he finished up one crazy semester on Friday and he deserved his most favorite dessert). At church I was given another pretty set of flowers for being the Momma with the most, who knew? After church we grilled out with the family and then Travis and I worked on a project we've been wanting to tackle. It was nice to just spend some time with him. Made my Mother's Day! 

First thing Monday morning, we were thrown for a loop. To not air all the dirty laundry, I'll just say my Pops ended up needing emergency surgery and according to his Doctor, we got here just in time. Apparently, his abdomen was full of infection, puss and other yucky things - so full that he was close to dying and we never even knew. 

He is going to be here about a week. 

So last night, we watched Family Feud, MisFit Garage and Swamp People. It was kinda nice. I really don't get to see my Dad very often. So yea, I'm soaking this up. I'm soaking him up these next few days. 

I'm thankful for Nurse's Station coffee and warm hospital blankets since my Dad is freezing the room out.

I'm thankful for the feeling of being a kid again listening to my Dad teach me about fixing cars and such. 

I'm thankful for a husband who never questioned me being gone, a brother who is hopping on a bus to get here tonight and family and friends who are helping out with my babies. 

Please pray for my Pops. We're having a few bumps in the road and right now he really needs rest. Please pray for a smooth recovery and for restoration in more places than just his body.