Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fresh Start ...

I miss it y'all. 

This blog.

I miss it so much that when I stopped to think about how long it has been since I posted, my heart actually ached a little. 

The post before last, I posted from a hospital room. The day after Mother's Day, my Dad ended up in the hospital. And what was went to be a "simple surgery" and "a few days to heal" ended up being two weeks. Two weeks of watching my Dad nearly die, two weeks of fighting with doctors, two weeks of watching my family be crushed, two weeks that depleted me emotionally, mentally and physically. I am so thankful I can sit here and type that my Dad is okay, back at work and healthier than he has ever been. 

June brought Summer and the pool opened in our neighborhood. Our school year came to an abrupt end because I honestly didn't have the energy to finish it up. We spent June at the pool, recovering from all that May brought us. 

July is a big birthday month around here. My Dad, Kolt, Kruz, Kohen and the Hubs all celebrate their special days this month. 

In August, my Sugar Lump turned one, Kohen had a busted ear drum, I turned 30 and we started our school year back. 

Now it's the end of September. Just like that.

It's crazy how life just happens and happens so fast. The next few posts might be some from Summer or from birthdays or could be me telling you about how crazy current life is. Either way, I am so excited about being here. About being back to share our life with you. 

Anything you want to hear about? Let me know!

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