Thursday, July 9, 2015

Birthday Love For Kolt Edward ...

This kid y'all. This kid turned seven today. I heard over and over and over from him that today was "the best day ever". And really we didn't do anything over the top. But that's Kolt. He's pretty much just happy all the time, not too hard to please. The Hubs was at school all day, so our birthday festivities had to wait until after he got home. Kolt always, always, always picks Mexican for his birthday dinner. And it's our tradition to take the Birthday Kid to Toys R Us to pick out his (or her now) birthday gift(s). Most times after we're done pitching in our $25 and the grandparents give "a little", the Birthday Kid will end up with about $75 to spend. 

Kolt spent his money on lots of Pokemon things and a MineCraft Lego set. 

YahYah got him a box to store his Pokemon cards in and some more Pokemon cards to help fill it up!

MawMaw and PawPaw gave him $20 to go to TRU with!

All of his goodies! And I see a Photo Bomber!

Happy SEVENTH Birthday Kolt Edward! You are one loving and loved kiddo!

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