Monday, June 13, 2016

Starting Summer Off The Right Way ...

It happens every year. Sometime in April it hits me that Summer time is coming.

And that I want those next couple months to be E P I C. 

And usually by the time I blink, it's September and we're already back in school. And there I am kicking myself for still being pale as a ghost, not having used the heck out of our Neighborhood Pool and wondering where the heck time went. 

And so this year, as usual, I wanted it to be a good one. But unlike the other Summers, I'm actually doing a pretty good job at keeping the good times rollin'.

We kicked off the Summer with vacation and really there is no better way to do it than that. 

Since we've been home from Florida, we've spent lots of time with Auntie Am and our cousins Haley, Macey and Brooks. Turns out, for this Planner Mama, that last minute trips to Slices for pizza and the playground can be great for the soul.

 And of course, we've had Pool Dates too.  

The Summer keeps getting better and better! 

We've had more Pool Dates with more friends and the boys look like little Indians with white hair. 

And I'm not pale.

And Khloe has THE most adorable bikini tan lines ever. 

We've already skipped more nap times than I can comprehend and just played until dark. 

The boys did Vacation Bible School last week and as nervous as I was that Kohen would not stay since he is a bit of a Mama's Boy, he left me hangin' every morning with no kiss and no hug, just a Bye Mommy. I was undecided as to whether or not to be happy about this. They had a blast like they do every year. We are so thankful for First Baptist of Locust Grove and all they do to make each year better and better! And in an effort to make the Summer E P I C, we made a special trip for donuts their last morning to celebrate the great week they'd had!

We've had popcorn right before dinner and bed times have gone out the window. I was reminded of that as I listen to the boys yelling on the couch watching the NBA Finals Game 5. Basketball is the newest obsession around here. Lord help me. 

We've Road Tripped it to Tennessee. And maybe this is all kids - I don't know - but for mine, staying in a hotel for a night is like, the best thing ever. So this past weekend, we were like the coolest parents ever. 

So yea. So far, we're killin' this Summer. 

Working on making it one for the books.

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