Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cousins, Daddies and The Dentist. OH MY!

The past 2 weeks have been fun filled and busy.

Landyn and Brady (our nephews from Ohio) came down to see us. They are 8 and 5, so of course our boys think they are IT! They are so well-behaved, helpful and such a joy to have here. We had 6 boys, including Travis here for 2 days. Geez, talk about too much testosterone. Whew. Here are some fun pictures from their short stay with us.

Landyn enjoying the pool.

Brady rockin' the Spiderman goggles. Now Kollin wants a pair...

Brady and Kolt.

Get 'em Brady!!

And Kolt is right in there with the big boys :)

Good shot Brady!

Cousins forever, even if they are far apart :)

This is the next morning. We went through an entire box of cereal and almost a half of a gallon of milk. Geez, talk about expensive! I wonder if this is a glimpse into my future: five boys :)

. . . . .

Onto Daddies Day :)

Being that we are on a budget right now, Daddies Day did not come with any spectacular gifts, like the awesome Nikes the hubs has been after. But it did come with love and relaxation. We attended church that morning, went to see my Dad's house where we had some amazing watermelon and had a cookout out at Travis' MawMaw and PawPaw's. The steaks were awesome and the family is always nice to be around.

Of course, I left my camera behind. But when in need, use your phone :) Excuse the poor quality, but I had to grab one of my most favorite men on Daddies Day. Oh and by the way, I have the same bunny ears in one of our wedding photos, which made me laugh a little. Some things will never change, like your Daddy being a big kid.

. . . . .

Onto the last of our adventures, the dentist.

Kollin has been a few times and has always been so eager to hop in the chair. Kolt, on the other hand, not so much. We are talking about a kid who at 18 months old was held down to have an x-ray done. I was fearful he was missing teeth because he only had 2 teeth at a year and a half. I believe it ruined him. As I predicted, he screamed in the hygienist face. Poor woman, good thing she is a friend of mine and I warned her. She did accomplish his cleaning, flossing and Dr. B did his exam. Again, good thing he is a friend of mine. :) Kolt sat in my lap for the exam and still screamed.

Notes from the dentist:
Kollin got a 6 for brushing and Kolt received a 7 (which is the highest).

Kolt will probably need braces for an under-bite.

Kollin is a CHAMP at taking bitewing x-rays.

Kollin and Kolt are cavity free!!

Here are a few moments from the day.

Kollin getting his bitewing x-rays done like a CHAMP! I am so proud!

Kollin and Mrs. Trina looking at his digital x-rays.

Kollin getting his cleaning done with Mrs. Carrie.

Kolt, right before Miss Kay laid him back in the chair, looking a little hesitant.

Miss Kay showing Kolt her cool toothbrush.

She let him touch it with his finger.

Whew, what a week. I'm exhausted just thinking about it all. I wouldn't change it though for anything in this world.

Today I am thankful for:

The talent God has given me of being a photographer. I love my job and I pray God continues to bless Kelsey Nichols Photography. Totally off subject of the blog I know, but it's what I am thankful for right now :)

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