Monday, July 11, 2011

Glad we did...

Kruzer's normal wake up call for me sounds like 'Da-eeee!' or 'Mamama!'. So when I heard it this morning, I grabbed my camera. For some strange reason, I like to take all of my babies' pictures on the morning of their birthdays. When he first saw me with this ginormous camera in his face, he looked at me a little crazy which is the picture on the left. Then, I said, "Happy Birthday Big Boy!!" and I got the picture on the right. :)

Here is you and Bubba playing this morning :)


We had no intentions of doing anything spectacular for Kruzer's birthday today. I know that sounds horrible, but I try to be reasonable with myself in that he will not remember it. We did have the plans of going to Truett's for his favorite which are chicken nuggets and then to WalMart to pick out birthday decorations for Saturday. And then I thought for a moment, even though Kruzer will not remember not doing anything spectacular, I would. I will want these memories in ten, twenty, fifty years down the road. And for that reason alone, I decided to have a birthday dinner for this little booger with our closest family and his God Mommy.

With that being said, even though we had chicken for lunch, we had it again for dinner. Two of your favorites are chicken and green beans, so along with that we had baked beans and corn on the cob. We invited "Mommy's MawMaw and PawPaw" and "Daddy's MawMaw and PawPaw", YahYah, and Aunt Tee-Tee, which she brought along Meghan and Nika. We had a house full and I felt so blessed. Of course, you dug right in to your plate and ended up having five spoonfuls of green beans. You are such an eater :)

After that we all sang to you and your face said it all. You were stunned and the whole time we sang your mouth was wide open. Kollin helped you blow out your candle and of course, your hand went right to the flame. But no worries, Daddy was right there to catch it before you touched it. You dug in to the cake and ate, ate, ate!! After about 10 minutes, I think you hit the miserable point. You started to fuss, so off to the tub you went.

Mommy and Aunt Tee-Tee escaped upstairs with you and got out of cleaning up the mess you left downstairs. Good thing we have 2 wonderful MawMaws and a YahYah to help out :) After your bath, in which I had to scrub icing out of your hair, I got you all cozy in your jammies and we came downstairs to a clean kitchen! Apparently, Daddy had to take your chair outside to hose it off.

You opened a couple presents from YahYah and both MawMaw and PawPaws. You got some books that play lullabies, a new cup, a teether, a Pooh paci clip and a talking Lightening McQueen. You are such a blessed little one. Once everyone left, you and I escaped upstairs to nurse and then off to bed you went. No fussing from you tonight, you were out like a light.

Happy Birthday Kruzer! Hope this birthday was spectacular. Here are some of the memories
we will be able to look back on :)

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