Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just when you think no one is watching...

I was laying Kollin down for bed last night and the routine is this: Read our Bible, pray together, get tucked in (teddy bear on the right and bunny rabbit on the left), sing Amazing Grace (Kollin's choice most nights), kisses and lights out. But last night, Kollin broke up our little routine in the best way imaginable. Well, he didn't really break it up, just added a little something extra. We normally hold hands when we pray, I always go first and squeeze his hand when I'm done, then he prays. At first last night was no different than any other night. We held hands, bowed our heads and I began, "Dear Heavenly Father..." Kollin stopped me and said, "Mommy, we need to hold these hands together and you raise your other hand and I'll raise my other hand too, like this. Like we are praising God." Of course, a HUGE smile came over my face and I asked, "Where did you see that at?"

"I see you and Daddy praise God like that in church Mommy."

Just when you think no one is watching, your kiddos are. :)

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