Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Koltee...

This morning I heard your footsteps coming down the stairs at about 10 o'clock. I knew it was you because you still take one step at a time when you come down the staircase. You put both feet on one step, then you move to the next one. Your face lit up when you saw me awake downstairs, as Mommy yelled, "It's the BIRTHDAY BOY!" You replied, so matter-of-factly with, "Yep, I'm three now." You confirmed our activities for the day with Mommy as pancakes and a trip to the toy store. You played quietly for a few minutes before more footsteps came down the stairs. Kollin came around the corner with an abrupt face, he is always a little jealous on your birthday. Mommy of course, snatched the camera and took some pictures of your gleaming, happy face as you constantly threw up the number three :) And managed to get a couple with your brothers too.

Little did you know that YahYah (who was supposed to be in New York this weekend) was on her way to spend the day with us. A knock at the door caught your attention and just when I thought your smile could grow no more, when you saw her, it did. She came in with hugs and kisses and a bright green bag. In that bag was your first birthday present for the day, Mickey Mouse Matchbox cars that YahYah and Kollin had picked out a few days before. You ripped into the package, loving your new cars-and not wanting to share them with Kollin.

Bowls of cereal followed, Reese's Puffs for YahYah and Kollin and Lucky Charms for you.

After breakfast, you ran upstairs to dress yourself, just like a big boy. You came down with an orange and white striped shirt on and blue jean shorts-and so proudly I might add. You changed your shirt quickly when you were given a new shirt from YahYah, one that was orange and read 'Top Dog'. Outside we went for more pictures. Mommy insisted you take one with your two favorite "babies" as you call them: "Bobby" and Mickey. And while the whole gang was here, we took some extras. :)

We headed to Toys R' Us where you so patiently walked through the toy store. Any other kid would have gone after the biggest things, but the first thing you picked out was a little Toy Story float that was $2.00. I think you would have been satisfied with that, but Mommy and Daddy insisted you pick out another toy to go with that one. You searched for something Team Umi Zoomi and after we walked the aisles seeing blocks, train sets and all toys imaginable you ended up where Mommy knew you would: the book aisle. This aisle took about 20 minutes as you pushed all the buttons on the books that played music. After a tough decision, you ended up with an Elmo book that comes with a pen you touch to the pages. This book has games, teaches you site words, numbers, etc. You LOVED it. You also snagged some Diego sunglasses as we headed to the check out counter. At check out you received a hat and a balloon from the clerk.

IHOP was next where we met MawMaw and PawPaw. Of course they had a bag with something in it too. It was full of (gasp) BOOKS! We all know you so well. We dug into pancakes, eggs and bacon and were all beyond full. The ladies there were so sweet and you were sure to tell each of them it was your birthday and you were three. When they came to sing to you, you were in shock. I think you got a little embarrassed because you turned your face around and blushed. You, Kollin and Kruz chowed down on your ice cream sundaes with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

As you turn another chapter in your life and now work your way towards turning four, I want you to know how much our entire family loves you. I almost typed Mommy and Daddy, but that just would not do. You are such an incredible kid and amaze me on a daily basis. Every morning I hear your door creak and you always ask, "Can I get up now?" Makes me smile every time. You are very independent and love to dress yourself, brush your teeth, comb and fix your hair and pretty much anything else Mommy and Daddy will let you do for yourself. Some funny and sweet things you do are:

No matter how far up on your tippy toes you have to go, you always stand up to go pee pee. You have to be like Kollin.

You love for PawPaw to feed you. And it never fails, every time you are with him, you climb into his lap and he feeds you. As a matter of fact, today he fed you pancakes :)

You have the most hilarious, deep laugh that comes out quite often.

You always tell on yourself when you say things you know you aren't supposed to.

You always end the night with, "Goodnight Mommy."

You sleep with "Bobby", Mickey, a puppy, Toad, your Boo-Boo blanket, Diego and a little snowman. Every single night.

You love Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse and Team Umi Zoomi.

You LOVE to read or have someone read to you.

You love puzzles.

You are VERY clumsy still. Daddy and Mommy joke about this all the time.

You are not a picky eater and will try most everything once.

You don't pedal your tricycle, even though you can reach. Instead you run your feet across the ground to make yourself go.

Your favorite place to be is MawMaw and PawPaw's, without a shadow of a doubt.

I am sure there are tons of other adorable things you do, but all of these came to my mind first. We love you so much. With many more to come...


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  1. So sweet. Another fabulous birthday post :) Happy Birthday Kolt!! What a great addition to the Nichol's family you are.