Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My First Update ...

Nineteen days.
That's how long it has been since I posted about and began a new lifestyle. If you haven't read that post yet, you should - it'll give you a little insight to this one.
So here is what has happened so far.
First, let me pat myself on the back by saying I have only missed one morning in having my Glowing Green Smoothies. Having this for breakfast has become such a habit and I actually crave this drink. Crazy, I know! At first the texture was a little hard for me to deal with, but I have learned the perfect amount of blending and the texture has vastly improved since my first go at it.
As I mentioned in my previous post, I am obtaining my info from The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder. I was only half way thru when I began this journey and have since made more changes than just my breakfast. Some of the most important points I took from the first half of her book were:
Drink a small glass of hot water and the juice from 1/2 of a lemon. This will jumpstart your digstion for the day. And the lemon is amazing for your liver.
Always eat fruit on an empty stomach. Never after meals. This causes bloating.
Eat something raw and green before each meal. My favorites and easiest to get to are green bell peppers and cucumbers. This coats your digestive tract in fiber which will allow your meal to digest much more quickly.
Always eat the heaviest meal of the day at dinner.
Now. Does this mean I have done all of this? Everyday? Well, heck no. I started off doing great, following each one without fail for about the first week. I could tell such a difference in the way I felt after each meal and not nearly exhausted as days before. But life is life and I totally slacked off. I did keep up my Glowing Green Smoothie, lemon juice every morning and eating fruit on an empty stomach. The last two just sort went out the window ...
In the last week or so I have got into the second part of her book. I have been appalled at the statistics and facts about animal protein, dairy and peanuts. Yes, peanuts. Since learning the newest information, I have dramatically cut out the intake of these things for myself and the family. We have switched to almond milk, almond butter and are having many more veggies at dinner (sometimes replacing meat, but not every night).
I believe my biggest hurdle has been re-teaching my kiddies healthy habits. Junk and processed foods are EVERYWHERE WE GO! From their grandparent's house to church to Great Clips. I have struggled with 'Well, it's just one ...' about one million times. Just one sucker at Great Clips, just one M&M for Kruzer going potty, just one bag of chips from the kids' church groups, just one cupcake at a birthday party. All of these just ones in one day! That's where I struggle. Junk is constantly given to my children, sometimes by me and sometimes by others. I have yet to find the happy medium ... 
If you are wondering about my physical changes, I have lost a total of nine pounds as off last Thursday. The first time I weighed myself was only five days after I started and I was down five pounds. I weighed myself one week later, which was the following Thursday, and I had lost an additional four pounds. I can tell the biggest difference in my lower stomach and thighs. I plan to weigh again tomorrow.
I started back today with eating a raw, green something before each meal and am saving my heaviest meal for dinner tonight. I am most looking forward to the changes in my skin, hair and nails, which the author says will come after a few weeks of detoxing your body.
I'll keep you posted. Till then -


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  1. Great job Kelsey!!! Might have to try this. Just might. :)