Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Normality - Here We Come!

My life has not been "normal" since the end of November. 

And by "normal" I mean not our normal chaos - but the bleh kind of chaos. 
The first week in December Kollin and Kruz had a stomach bug that pretty much knocked them on their butts. It took over a week to rid that junk out of Kruz. Bleh! I was tired of cleaning up throw up and diarrhea after one day, much less seven days. 

We finally got the house germ free. Or so we thought. Kolt and Kruz just a few days later got the sniffles and cough. Ugh! I went from wiping butts continuously to wiping noses every five minutes. The beautiful days of Mommyhood

We even had an extra sick kiddo with us for one day. Gabe's coughs fit right on in with our hacking and nose blowing. After many rub downs of Vicks and nightly doses of Zarbee's, we finally did a turn around and all started feeling better! Thank God!

Did I mention in the midst of the coughing, diarrhea, sneezing, throwing up and sniffling the Hubs had shoulder surgery? When it rains it pours. And let me tell you it was like a flood around here for a couple weeks it seemed. Travis had surgery on the 11th of December and neither of us had any clue it was going to be so difficult the first couple weeks.

 I felt like I went from a married Mommy of four boys to a single Mommy of five boys! Explaining to the kids about the HUGE brace Daddy had on and why we couldn't hug him was difficult. After being home for only a few days we ended up back in the ER for Travis' airway closing in on him due to a bad intubation. One gigantic pill, a shot in the butt and 6 hours later - we were home. My poor husband. Just when we thought things were as crazy as they could get, we began to notice just how long it had been since he had went ... (awkward) ... well, you know. 

(Insert tons of enemas {literally}, herbal cleansing tablets, lots of greens, many glasses of magnesium water ... and ....)


Ten days later, yes TEN days later and still no quality bathroom time for the Hubs. Back to the doctor we went. After having an x-ray done to show no blockage, we were sent home with what Travis said a couple hours later was the worst thing he had ever put in his mouth. I don't know the exact name of what was in that gallon jug, but whatever it was must have been pretty awful. After only two glasses, he was throwing it all up. Yuck! Something must have made it into his system though because ... he finally pooped!! Gross I know, but let me tell you, I have never been so happy in all my life as too know someone pooped. Life as a wife

If you're wondering about this picture ... well, it just shows that even with one arm out of commission - the other one was still around my waist ... and that made me have a happy moment.

Shortly after the craziness of Travis' lingering issues, Kohen got RSV.

He was one sick youngin'. Fever, a cough that must have hurt his little throat so bad that he cried after every time, constipation, wheezing and no sleep. The only bonus was all the cuddling he wanted to do with just me. No Daddy, no Bubba, just Mommy. Talk about soaking it in.

After a miserable four days for the little booger, he finally started feeling better. This was the first smile I had seen from this little man in nearly a week. It was a refreshment to my soul. 

So there you go! Bam - all of that in six short weeks. All the kids are finally better and each one driving me a little battier every day. Yes, the Nichols' boys are recharged and ready to go!

So I guess it's pretty obvious then that for six weeks the Hubs has joined me at home with the kids. And four of those weeks, someone or sometwo were sick. Needless to say, it's been nice having him home with us, but I am ready for normal again. I am ready for my days to my days. Know what I mean? I love the Hubs and his company, but any stay at home Mommy can voucher that before 5:30 during the week is your time. Mommy time. Time to be in charge and in control

Travis will head back to work this morning. Normality, here we come.

 Heck, I will probably be begging him to come home by noon. 


  1. Dude. This was exhausting to read, much less experience. I thought I had it tough when both my girls were sick for three days. Yowza. I would've brought you a chicken pot pie of gargantuan proportions had I known. Soo glad everyone is "well-er" than they were!

    1. Thank you Robin! And hey, we;ll still take a pot pie! :)

  2. Goodness! So glad to hear things are finally back to normal and everyone is well! Following from the Crew. Would love to have you follow back if you don't already :). Have a great 'normal' week!