Monday, February 18, 2013

February Co - Op ...

Our little Co - Op is growing ...
And I am so excited about it!
Although my house sounded like there was a herd of elephants running through it last Thursday, I was totally cool with it. It was nine kids to three adults - Amber, Nicole and I were as ready as ever. Amber came with Starbucks in hand - and I'm sure Nicole had her coffee prior. I know I did ...
We've went from three families to four and I am praying we continue to grow! Not quite sure how big it will get, but I do know I love seeing my kiddies interact with others their age. I think it is awesome.
We all met up on Valentine's Day.
Nicole and I are taking turns with hosting and this month we gathered at Nichols' Prep.
We painted canvases, which I think we Mommies were more excited about how these turned out than the kiddos - and we made what was supposed to be heart fingerprint trees, but instead the kiddos took this one over and just did their own thing. They still came out as cute as ever!

Nicole brought over these awesome math games to play that included counting up to thirty, sorting by color, addition and subtraction.
I love when they learn and don't even know it - it's a total Mommy bonus.

Eating all the candy hearts afterwards - Kiddie bonus :)
Here is just an extra to make you smile ...

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