Saturday, April 13, 2013


What a title, right?
But I am.
 I am so burnt right now. Yep, it's from sitting at ball fields practically all day. Poor Kohen has a little burn too. Note to self: add sunscreen to the diaper bag. And I'm so jealous of Kruz - do any of you guys have a kid that just tans so perfectly? Well, that's Kruz. No lines ever, just a perfect blend. 
So here's a glimpse into our day ...
It all started with a Mommy trying to get 4 kids packed for the day and out the door in 30 minutes. I was so exhausted from yesterday that the additional 30 minutes of sleep was too appetizing and I would have rather been rushing around like a mad women than to get up the first time my alarm went off. So I nursed Kohen, dressed him and Kruz, got myself dressed, got Kolt into his football gear, made sure Kollin was matching in what he picked out, packed the diaper bag, cut up apples and oranges for snacks, added grapes and raisins to our snack bag, grabbed all of Kollin's baseball stuff, brushed my teeth, grabbed my camera and literally ran out the door. 

Nothing was exaggerated there. 
Travis had a yard to cut while all the madness was going down, so I had to meet him with the kids. Don't you love switching around car seats? I do not. 
I had a photo session at 10am for one of my favorite little girls, Miss Aria. I have been photographing her since she was 1 week old. I love having the privilege of being a part of watching little ones grow and being able to document it for their Mommys and Daddys.  Today I photographed her 1 year pictures, my how the year flew by. She was a great way to start my hectic day.


I left there and raced to Kolt's game. Considering I had his helmet, there was no option of running a little late. He suited up and headed to face a team full of giants. Maybe not literally giants, but for my tiny 4 year old - those nearly 7 year olds looked like giants. He fearlessly headed out on the field and tackled down some of these big ole' boys. I watched as the other team scored over and over again and was just a little teed. How fair is it to have a team of 21 kids play our team of 9? I am so not a Mommy to make excuses for her boys. Kolt is by far one of the shortest and youngest on his team and I tell him day after day that he is just as good as any other bigger player. But this morning, I honestly felt like I was feeding him to the wolves. It's over now, thank goodness. According to the board, we lost. I'd say our boys getting out there and playing their hearts out is a win in my book. 
Kolt's game ended at 1:05 and Kollin's began at 1:30. Remember how I ran out the door this morning? Well, this afternoon we all ran to the car and raced to another set of ball fields. On the way there I told Kollin I had this funny feeling he was going to get a great hit today. He looked at me like I was crazy. What do you know? This Mommy was right! Kollin smacked that ball and scored a run for our team. He is so focused during the game and I love watching him play defense. He is down and just waiting for that ball to get in his glove. The Gators won 17-4!! 


Remember the running and the racing? Yea, I did more of that. We raced home and I unloaded the kids and reloaded my camera equipment to head out for 2 more sessions. 
Needless to say, we ate cereal for dinner, took showers and poured on the aloe. 
The boys are in bed and I am in silence.

Well, I thought I was. I just heard a door creak. Guess that's my queue to shut this baby down for the night ...

Oh and happy NINE months to my KoKo Beans ...
Hope y'all had a wonderful Saturday!!

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