Friday, April 12, 2013

Ikea and More ...

Today was one of those days where we didn't stop until ... well, I guess now. 

At bedtime. 

We woke up pretty early and headed to the Health Department to get Travis' shot records for school. Little did we know he ended up needing another vaccination and the kids and I sat in the car for over an hour. Yea, you read that right ... a whole hour. Actually over an hour. And my kids and a car not moving do not mix well. Kohen squawks like a dying duck, Kruz whines about wanting water and Kollin and Kolt think it's WWF time. By the time Travis came out, I was ready to escape the vehicle for a nap. Alright, enough of my complaining. We headed to Clayton State to turn in the rest of his paperwork and then to Ikea. 

We decided to sell the boys' bunk beds. I am little agitated about it too because we just set the two sets up in their room. I have come to learn two things about bunk beds: first, they do not mix well with slanted ceilings and two, I hate changing sheets on bunk beds. I mean like, hate. My butt climbing up those skinny little stairs, um no thank you. So no more bunk beds for us. I wanted something super simple and sleek. And inexpensive. So Ikea it was. 

Us, 4 kids and Ikea. Well, it's interesting. That is the only way to explain it. Kruz feels the need to become an animal in public and Kohen acts like he has never sat up in his entire life when I put him in the buggy, I can only laugh at us. 

And can I mention how amazing the husband and I are at fitting tons of boxes and kids into a car? I'm pretty sure every person that passed by us wanted to stand there so badly to watch us fit 4 kids, 13 boxes and 3 sets of slats in our Mountaineer. 

We are a great team in more ways than one. 

So the buying of the beds was accomplished and we headed home only to literally unload the car, get the boys changed into their uniforms and get directly back out the door for a baseball game and a football scrimmage. I'm telling ya ... it's the story of our life right now. 

Kollin's team finally won their first game and Kollin was stoked to say the least. He still has a hard time at bat and had to hit off the tee tongiht, which completely embarrasses him. He did however, tag a kid out at second base - and he loved that! I missed most of Kolt's scrimmage tonight, which I hate. But really. I can't be in two places at one time. I have to accept that. It's a tough pill to swallow. Kolt's coach said their scrimmage went great and they won. Two wins - a happy Momma. 

Waffle House cooked our dinner tonight and MawMaw joined us, which was a nice treat. We all had the usual: bacon, egg and cheese on wheat for me, an angus burger for Travis and waffles, pickles and bacon for the boys. And I must mention this: have you ever had one of those kinds of laughs that is a mixture of something funny and being totally exhausted that you just laugh until coke nearly comes out of your nose? I had one of those tonight with the husband. And it was so needed. Laughter is oh, so good for my soul. 

Now we're home and I am totally about to hit the sack.

I'm wrapping this day up with this post and getting ready for 3 photo sessions, a football game and a baseball game tomorrow. 

Night y'all - Kolt says, "Peace!"

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