Tuesday, April 9, 2013

One Was Our's ... One Was His.

Two dedications. 

One was our decision.

One was his. 

When Kollin was 6 months old Travis and I had just joined our church. I had been raised there as a kid by my grandparents, but left during my teenage years. After searching for a church as husband and wife, we stumbled upon my 'home' church and haven't left since. In May 2007, we became members of West Sunnyside Community Church and in June had Kollin dedicated. We knew we were making a new commitment with Christ and had both rededicated our lives as adults back to Him and at the same time we wanted to dedicate Kollin back to Him as well. 

I have always thought of baby dedications as something so sweet. Parents making the decision to fully surrender their child back to Christ, there is something so touching about that. Here you have this baby, a child that God has given you to love, take care of and raise. And in one sweet moment, you say "Okay God. Here he is. I am giving him back to you. I am trusting you totally with his life here on Earth. I am trusting that he is going to do something amazing for you. I am asking for guidance and wisdom in raising this child. You created him and gave him to me, but ultimately - He is yours." 

That was 5 years ago. And in those 5 years Travis and I have continued to raise our family in church. We have always made sure to be an active part in our own groups, from the nursery to teaching Sunday School to Rainbows and Royal Rangers to tithing. We have made our church family important and have taught our children to be giving, obedient to Christ and to listen to their hearts. Has it always been perfect - not even close. Let me rephrase that: it has never been perfect and it never will be perfect. Life is tough and raising kids is even tougher. And a lot of days we have questioned if we were doing the right thing ... and what we were doing wrong. We have sought for wisdom through prayer and if I asked the Lord to fill in my mothering gaps once, I have 1,000 times. 

But Sunday was confirmation. As we sat in church I looked up at Travis and gave him that, "You know we're doing a great job" kind of look. 

Sunday Kollin made the decision to dedicate himself. Kollin made the decision to fully surrender his own life to Christ. He made the decision to allow Christ to wash him, cleanse him and use him. It was his own decision to walk into the water, proclaim that his heart is after Jesus and be baptized. 

I thought to myself - how amazing. How "full circle" is that.  

As Brother Ritchie, our Children's Pastor, asked Kollin if Jesus lived in his heart I half expected Kollin to grab the microphone and give his full testimony; instead he gave a very simple yes. And he was baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit. And Kollin came up smiling. 

Afterward I asked him what it felt like. In his own words, "It felt awesome Mommy! I could feel Jesus taking out all the bad sin and putting in a bunch of good stuff. I mean, now I really have to be nice to my brothers!!" 

And don't think for one second this Momma is not going to use that to her advantage ... 

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