Monday, June 17, 2013

Nothing Creative ...

Well, hi there. 
It seems like it's been too long since I last sat behind this Mac to post. It's really only been a few days. Still, seems like too long.

I almost titled this post "Life Around Here" 'til I realized the last one was called that. Boo. Looks like I have to get creative up there.

My home has been a full of all emotions this week. 
So has my heart. 
We've had some extended family issues going on, who doesn't love that? They've left me with feelings of sadness, betrayal and a sweet reminder that I am only human. As much as I want to be a fixer, I've realized I can't fix everything. Bummer. It is emotionally gratifying though to have a supportive husband and most importantly a heavenly Father to release to. You know how it goes: a circumstance occurs, we try to fix it, get upset when we can't and then realize you've been given the perfect opportunity to actually walk the walk - to pray, give your struggles to God and then let it go. And that's just what I've done. Twice now. Guess the first time I gave it away, I did it with stipulations in mind. The second time though, it was for real. Out of my hands and in His. 

I'm currently planning a birthday party for three children. Yes, apparently Travis and I really can't get enough of each other in the month of October because our last three children have been born within a week of each other. No, this is not a joke. Kolt will be FIVE on July 9th, Kruz will be THREE on July 11th and Kohen will be ONE on July 13th. Talk about strife, try picking a theme that will satisfy three boys at three different ages. Well, this Momma picked Hot Wheels, race cars and all the likings. We keep it pretty low key around here for parties. I'm not that Momma to make pretty labels for food, crazy fancy banners or orchestrate 20 different games. We rent a water slide, blow up a few balloons, throw some snacks on a table with a Dollar Store tablecloth and call it a day. See, it all just got planned in about 10 minutes. Fact is, my boys don't need all the fancy-schmnacy stuff. They need family and friends. And a water slide. Maybe a few gifts, but nothing crazy. I'm happy with our easy parties. Leaves me more time to snuggle, play and read to my four little boogers. After all what are they going to remember, a fancy banner or giggles with Mommy? 

The wretched dog pin. 
It's been consuming the husband when he's not behind the wheel of a lawnmower or the screen of a computer. We have had so many dogs in our marriage, quite honestly we don't have very good luck with them. Through all that have come and gone though, we've had Country since our first Valentine's Day together. He was a beagle and was so loyal, sweet and smelly. The perfect dog. He left us back in December after 8 years. We've had Sofie now for almost three years. She is pretty awesome. Some friends of ours rescued her as a stray puppy from our church parking lot. 

This picture was taken right after we brought Sofie home.

And after much denial, I knew she belonged with us. Since Country left, she's been a bit lonely in our backyard. The boys keep her busy, but the whimpers at night time are killing me. We decided to get her a friend, Zeb is his name. Another set of friends from church have been looking for a home for him. I love when things work out, reminds me that even the little things are in His hands. The husband decided that a new pin would be needed before bringing Zeb home though. I love the outcome of things, but not the process of getting them. Know what I mean? The husband and I have been working our booties off to get this thing up this past weekend. Yea, I can put up a fence without even chipping my french manicure. I'm that good. Projects with the husband just give us an opportunity to test our teamwork skills, they're still just as good as day one. We're such a great team and I'm thankful for the times we're reminded of that. The fence is almost done. Yah. Hopefully by the next post you can see pics of Sofie and Zeb enjoying their Doggy Kingdom. 

That's all for now. 

P.S. Sorry about the not so creative title up there. You still love me, right?


  1. I'm right there with you. I follow the exact same party planning ritual and Olivia seems happy every year! I've decided to not stress out over not having a "pinterest perfect" party planned. However, you one up me with renting a water slide! : )

    1. Hope y'al can come :) I need your address.