Sunday, July 21, 2013

Filling Kollin To The Brim ...

These four little creatures the Good Lord has entrusted me with - I spend more time feeding them, bathing them, reading to them and so much, much more than I do pretty much anything else in my life.
 And in those hours and hours and hours together, you'd think I would know them front to back, top to bottom. And I like to think I do too. I'd like to think I know every little detail of their hearts and every inch of their soul. 

I'm learning though, that I don't. 

And I'm learning to listen more so I can get as close as possible. 

The past couple weeks Kollin has been struggling. Struggling with the feeling of the weight of having three younger brothers to lead, struggling with needing more alone time and struggling with Travis working way more than we expected this summer. 

I have found myself not really blowing it off, but not really listening either. 

I have shared with you part of my journey of preparing my heart for the Lord to feel an invitation to dwell there and in that preparation I am praying a lot more. My prayer life has grown leaps and bounds and I'm learning to pray about the little things too, not just the big ones. I am learning to make Him the focal point of all that I do. I've always prayed for my children's safety and health, but never really prayed for their hearts. 

A few days ago, I began to pray for Kollin's heart. I began to pray for direction on how to make him feel loved, nurtured and full. 

Saturday evening Travis and I were given the opportunity to make Kollin feel special. Kolt was away with my Momma and Kruz and Kohen headed to Parents Night Out at a local church. We let Kollin pick the place to get the grub and the place to have some fun. 

Chili's and Turbo. 

It.was.wonderful. Travis and I really had the chance to talk to Kollin, listen to his worries and fill him to the brim with some one on two time. There were no interruptions, no crying brothers and no "Hang on just a second"s. It was Kollin time. And Travis and I needed it just as much as he did. 

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