Wednesday, July 10, 2013

When Kruz Was Two ...

My child, my child - you are one of a kind. I looked back on your pictures as a new two year old and look at you now - you've become quite the handsome little boy. You've grown much taller and your baby face is slowly disappearing, yet your big-cheese smile is still the same. Mommy starting having your hair cut much shorter and it makes you look older too. You will be three when you wake up in the morning and I can hardly believe it ... 

While you were two you finally decided you wanted to be potty trained. And I say you decided because well, you did. I tried to train you right before you turned two - fought, cried, begged and pleaded ... you pottied when you wanted to and messed yourself when you wanted to. For a while there, I felt like I was house training a dog ... I seriously hope years down the road you don't let that statement affect your adulthood. Really though. I ran around with cleaner and a rag cleaning up messes off the floor. Puddles of pee. And the other stuff. I thought I was going to lose my mind. I put on undies, you took them off. I put on a diaper, you took it off. I'm pretty sure you were naked more than clothed during your second year. After Kohen made his appearance, well lets just say you went running back to your diapers with arms wide open. I gave up the fight and gave you back your Pampers. And saved money on cleaner. Then one cold day in January, God must've been smiling down on Mommy a little extra that morning in Target. I remember the day so clearly ... you and I were shopping with MawMaw. As you rode proudly in MawMaw's buggy you announced to the store that you had to potty. You were dry and MawMaw literally ran you to the bathroom. You pottied at Target, ditched the Pampers that same afternoon and never went back. No joke, all it took was you making your mind up that you wanted to. And you did. You stuck with Pull Ups at bed time for a couple months and ditched those some time in March. 

Your favorite undies are your Diego ones. 

You tagged right alongside your brothers for holidays this year. Your older brothers were Phineas and Ferb and you decided to be Perry. You had this platypus tail ... it was pretty darn cute. At Christmas, Santa brought you the same tablet as Kollin and Kolt. You think you're so big with that thing. 

While you were two, we went to Disney for the first time. And you loved it! Every last bit of it. Your eyes lit up the most though when you met characters, during the Nemo show and during Live! Playhouse Disney. I'm telling you, forever in my heart and soul will be your face when you met Minnie Mouse. I will never, ever forget it kiddo. Thank you for that memory.

While you were two you started sharing a room with Kollin and Kolt. You love it. Along with loving it, you also love to keep them awake at night by trying to get in their beds, running around like a mad man and talking about poop. And barf. You make them laugh, get in trouble and eventually go to sleep some time later.

Did I mention in the midst of your potty training Mommy tried to use reverse psychology on you? Yea, that was a bad idea. Directly after Kohen was born when you first wanted to run back to your diapers, I thought it was smart to call you a baby. Yea, I know. What was I thinking? Well, I was thinking if I called you a baby you would want to be a big boy. Nope. Not only did you still ditch the undies you started calling me a baby. Can you say backfire? And to this day, you still do. When you're upset, mad or get your feelings hurt you call us all babies. Along with poo poo heads, barf heads and I think at some point you'd say, "You poop in your pants" too, all out of pure rage. 

At night time you cuddle with Ellie your elephant, Perry from Disney and Diego. And your Diego blanket.

You love to take pictures of yourself on my phone. Often the same pose over and over again. And videos too. I can't tell you how many random videos I have on my phone of you. Or the walls. Sometimes of me while I'm pushing a buggy around.

You have to be alone to poop. Door closed. Fan off. And you refuse to pee sitting down.

You love sports. I know you are itching to get your turn on the playing field. I promise, it's coming baby. And all better run when it does.

While you were two, you became a BIG brother. And you are the best big brother to Kohen. You love that little dude so much. And you are the one to give credit to for his infamous nickname KoKo. You are always making him laugh, playing peek-a-boo with him when he is in his crib. You also love to wake him up. Early. You always look out for him and are the best diaper delivery boy and paci finder ever. 

And yes, I put that in caps for a reason.  

You are obsessed with mowers. I mean like, o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. At the rate you're going, you make just take over Daddy's lawn care business when you grow up. Daddy told me once he took you with him to a friend's house and the first words out of your mouth in the garage were "I like your mower". Obsessed.  

While you were two you started in the 3/4 Sunday School class early. You pretty much outgrew the nursery faster than any of us expected. You moved yourself up and I was a little sad to watch it happen. Directly after Sunday School is Children's Church and you jumped right in, feet first. Brother Ritchie tells me you are doing great and he loves having you out there. 

You love shoes. All kinds. Flip-flops. Church shoes. Converse. Nikes. Random sandals. You love them all. And you know which is which. Which are Nike. Which are Converse. Which are Crocs. It's quite hilarious to see a toddler obsessed with shoes.

You love to ride in Daddy's truck. Really, you just love to be with your Daddy. Until you're in trouble. Then you want your Mommy.

You randomly tell me throughout the day "I love you Mommy" and kiss me on the cheek and on the lips. 

While you were two you learned your ABCs and learned to count to 20 ... ish. Somedays it's higher. Somedays it's not. It really depends on your mood. And your colors - you learned those too. Your favorite is red.

You are determined.

You are my one and only kid who loves to get dressed. Everyday. Even if we aren't going anywhere. That concept is foreign to me. Mommy (and your brothers) like to stay in their pajamas all day, Lord willin'. You? Nope, you like to get dressed in real clothes. And change about seven times throughout the day. 

I never have to remind you to say thank you. You are such a grateful kid.

Your favorite person, without a doubt is ... PawPaw. You two are peas in a pod. You make him feel extra, extra special when you exclaim you are PawPaw's Baby and PawPaw's Big Boy. You two have a special connection and I pray it only continues as you get older. When he's around, you only give your kisses to him. He holds you and gives you chocolate milk. With no lid, which is like hitting the lottery to you. 

While you were two you broke your right arm. And not even one bone, but two. If you'd like you can read the long version of it here. The short version is this: trampoline, two bones, sedation, red cast. Lots of adjusting in life for you. And me.

The technicals of Kruz: You wear a 2T in shirts and shorts still. Every now and then a 3T will fit you for your shirt and if the britches don't have an adjustable waist, you wear 18 months. You wear a size 6 in shoes. You weigh 30 pounds. Your favorite foods are pizza, chicken, grapes, apples, almonds and carrots. You love to watch Mickey Mouse, Team Umi Zoomi, Bubble Guppies and Super Why. 

My Kruz, my Kruz. What can I say? You are loving, you are cuddly, you are wild and you are feisty. You are Mr. Independent at his finest. You are stuck between wanting to be grown and wanting to still be my baby and I love you at both stages. I love to hold you, rub your back and sing you to sleep and I also love to watch you ride your bike, swim like a big kid and learn new things. You are my Little Engine That Could. I love you more than any words I could ever type in this love note to you. You are my giggles throughout the day and my tests for patience. I love you kiddo. 

Happy Third Birthday Kruz! 

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  1. Kelsey this made my laugh and cry all at the same time. You have nailed my little Owen with everything you have said about Kruz. You have such encouragement for me each time I read your post so thank you for that!!