Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Update On The Bright Red Cast ...

Having a kid with a broken arm has been life changing. Does that sound dramatic or what? I know, I know. Things and circumstances could have been a lot worse. A broken arm is just a smidge of what could've happened ...

But seriously y'all.
Having a normal Kruz was challenging enough, much less a Kruz with a broken arm! 

This kid has been potty trained for months now. When I say trained I mean, he goes to the bathroom by himself, wipes himself, washes his hands by himself. No help needed on most occasions. With a broken arm? Not so much. Poor kid can't shimmy his britches down on his own. And the stubborn little booger doesn't want to ask for help, which results in ...
pee. In my floor. Needless to say I've been cleaning up my fair share of messes here lately. And hearing lots of "I'm sorry Mommy"s. Really y'all. It'll break your heart.

He learned how to eat with his left arm pretty quick. Guess if you're hungry enough you'll figure out how to get the food in your mouth one way or the other. 

Bed time. Oh bed time. You've turned into emotional chaos. Kruz has not wanted to sleep anywhere but with me since he broke his arm. And it's so sad. We let him sleep with us in our room the first week and a half. We recently moved him back into his room. And it's been hard y'all. I guess I'm a sucker for crocodile tears and a bright red cast. We tried to ease the transition by laying down with him until he falls asleep, hoping eventually bed time will get back to normal. Tonight was the first night it wasn't crazy. Maybe, just maybe we're coming 'round the bend. 

Um. So how do I put this? Before the broken arm I had to watch Kruz pretty close. I mean a "Kruz, where are you? And what are you doing?" was suffice every ten minutes or so when he was out of my sight. This is the kid that likes to mix mouthwash, toothpaste, foundation and shaving cream in the toilet. Then pee on it. Watching Kruz is like watching 15 kids at one time. Add a broken arm to that. Dear.Lord. There is no letting him out my sight at all. My biggest fear is that he will hit his arm a certain way, or land on it a certain way and re-break it or interrupt the healing process. He has no fear or thought process about these things and I don't expect him to. And the other big adjustment, outside time. I used to be able to kick them outside to play while I cooked dinner, not anymore. Kruz, sweat and a casted arm surely wouldn't mix well. He's been posting it up with me instead. 

It's been an adjustment to say the least and tomorrow marks just two weeks. We'll head back to the Orthopedic for a check up the beginning of next week. His pain levels have been wonderful. I was shocked when they prescribed us Loratab for him, saying his pain would be through the roof. We've been able to scoot by with just Motrin every now and then, praise the Lord! We prayed for little to no pain and our prayers have been answered. 

Please continue to pray for us and this journey! Love to you all!

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  1. Anytime you want to drop the little guy off for a playmate with Jax let me know, although I might quickly regret a Jax/Kruz cocktail. Poor guy. Wait, poor mama. ~ Jeneen