Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kollin's Campout

Lately my brain has been in an overload function.

 I have missed being on this side of the screen for August Twelfth and every time something goes down or the Good Lord speaks to my heart on something to write, I get all tingly and excited. Then I never get to it. I promise I have good things to say and funny stories about my kiddos to share, it's just making my butt sit still long enough to do it. And that's just what I am doing right now - making my butt be still long enough to write and post some pictures of my sweet babies. 

Last weekend we celebrated Kollin's 7th birthday. (And yes. I am still in total denial.) What originated as him wanting a small campout with four friends to spend the night turned into glowsticks galore, flashlight tag, about 50 guests and 12 kids camping out in our backyard. Not to mention when I came home from grabbing last minute stuff the husband had moved our TV from our wall and mounted it to a dang tree!!

 The party was nothing fancy, nothing short of amazing and has been dubbed one of the best birthday shin-digs we Nichols have ever thrown. 

We had a simple hotdog, chips and pickles spread ...

This magnificent fire pit was designed and built by none other than my husband. It started with some free slate from our church after tearing down an old wall there. And a month later - wa la. Here it is. I know - he's a keeper. 

We had 20 glowsticks to give out, finger flashlights, 45 regular flashlights for several games of "Tag In The Dark" and cookie cake of course. 

Samantha should totally be rented out at campouts to make smores for people.  
Oh.Dear.Lord - They were delicious!

See the TV back there? (That white rectangle). Yep. It's mounted to the tree. We played The Croods and Shark's Tale, sat by the fire, roasted smores and enjoyed the cool night air. It was amazing I tell ya. 

The kiddos (big and small) all made it to the tents around midnight and I'm pretty sure they were all asleep by 12:30 sometime before sunrise. Nah, I'm kidding - all the boys were so behaved and everyone was out by 1:00ish. 

So I snapped a few pictures on the beloved iPhone and flashed everyone's eyes blind. Then went and crawled in my comfy, cozy, warm bed and slept like a baby. 

Sunday morning I fed and bathed (well, they showered themselves) 10 kiddos and arrived to Sunday School early. I know. I am a champ. Don't worry, I already gave me and the husband major kudos and bought myself some Chunky Monkey on my latest grocery store trip. 

Is it insane to say that getting 10 ready was easier than 4? 

Kollin - I hope you enjoyed your 7th Birthday Bash! You are such a caring, kind and sweet boy and to see you run around and have so much fun with your friends brought such joy to my heart! I love you baby!

Darn a full memory on my phone - I only caught half of it .. oh well - it'll be in my heart forever. 

Here's to another successful birthday party in the books - now I'm off duty till July ...

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