Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Toboggan On: Inside and Out ...

You know, kids are so resilient. 

Had you put two staples in the back of my head two days ago, I would be out for the count for at least three days, complaining of a headache non-stop and needing some type of pain medicine to help get me through. 

Not Kolt. 

Nope, he's up running around (as much as I'll let him) and acting like the same 'ole Kolt. 

His new best friend has become this toboggan. He wears this thing whether he is inside or out - for the cushion, he says. It's actually pretty hilarious. He even sleeps with it on. 

As far as the rest of the clan goes: I just got around to ordering Christmas cards, Travis is adjusting to his new job and the other boys are well, just being boys. Kollin has been doing a super job of keeping an extra eye on Kolt and Kruz and Kohen have been busy playing in the cabinets. 

 As always after a crisis in the Nichols house, life goes on ... 

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