Friday, February 21, 2014

My Six Valentines ...

I had six Valentine's this year.

Six lives to celebrate just how much I really, really love them.

Six people I love so much, sometimes my heart aches from it. 

One of these six people I've only seen on a screen and already love her with every fiber of my being. I think about her and just smile. Smile so big, my cheeks will start to hurt.

Four of them are the most rambunctious, full of life, stubborn, smart, beautiful little boys I have ever known. I think to myself how blessed I am that I was picked for them. To love them, to teach them, to mold them, to kiss them, to brush their teeth, to learn something knew about each of them everyday. Me. That is all for me. And that is overwhelming.

One of these six I have nearly spent more of my life with than without. I think to myself about life without him and I cringe. He is such a part of me that I wonder if I could ever live without him. I am blessed to parent with him, laugh with him, squabble with him and pretty much figure out this thing called life with him. I often laugh about all of those who said we'd never make it. As politely as I can say, in yo face!

Yea. So it was a week ago. So what? I can still get all mushy a week later, right? 

Truth is - we're not big Valentine's Day people. I'm not the Momma to spend money on candy, stuffed animals and more junk stuff. As far as I'm concerned, that's what The Grands are for. Right Momma? I am the Momma to find more excuses that day to plant kisses on them more and tell them how much I love them over and over and over. 

Our Valentine's Day consisted of Olive Garden for lunch and the hubs and I surprised the boys with a trip to see Walking With Dinos at the dollar theater in a town close to us. I'm telling you - $5.00 for all of us? I'm a sucker for a cheap afternoon of fun and I have to admit, I've pretty much boycotted going to a regular theater. We had lots of fun as usual when we get away from schoolwork, tests, laundry and everyday life. Days like that, I thrive for.

So if you're wondering what I was treated with on Valentine's Day, here you go. Travis came home with a good ole' game of Hangman Thursday night after work. Here was my answer: pure bliss once a month for the next six months. 

And for fun this year, I actually made something for my Momma and MawMaw. Each of these ladies do so much for my family and I wanted a little way to show them just how much we love them. 

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