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TOS Review - KinderBach

What is KinderBach?

KinderBach is a program that was created by the fun-loving Karri Gregor. Ms. Gregor has such a great way to give young children (ages recommended are 3-7) all the right tools to learn simple music and how to play the piano. KinderBach embraces this in such a unique way by using dances, fun characters, simple coloring sheets and other fun ways that will immediately grab your little ones attention!

Although KinderBach originally offered their lessons by only DVD, they're now offered online and can also be streamed by an iPad as well. 

There are a few basic items needed to use KinderBach, here you go:

A computer and/or tablet.
A printer.
A keyboard with at least 3-4 octaves, if you don't have a piano.
A few basic craft supplies: crayons and scissors.
A few simple rhythm instruments (household products can be used for this too).

KinderBach is currently offering their KinderBach Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner for just $95.88 per year (normally $130.00). Within this program are 240 lessons with more being added. Music lessons can be quite pricey and at this current rate, KinderBach is only $7.99 per month. If you aren't quite sure, there is a free 2 week trial you can try and a 30 day money back guarantee. 

What We Received and How We Used It:

Our family was given the opportunity to use the KinderBach Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner.

I used this program with my three oldest: Kruz age 3, Kolt age 5 and Kollin age 7.

I was excited when I saw this review offered because I knew all three of them would benefit from this program. We used KinderBach first thing in the morning, before we started our normal, everyday school schedule, Monday thru Thursday.

From previously viewing the first few lessons, I knew KinderBach would get their motors running in the mornings and get their wheels turning. All three of the boys did the lessons together, although Kruz would sometimes want to do lessons like the rhythm dances over and over. It was fun to watch them learn together and to give my oldest the opportunity to encourage my younger ones since he clearly was going to pick up the tasks the fastest. By the time the lesson was completed, they were wide awake and ready to go. 

What We Thought About It All:

I always like to sit down ahead of time to check out curriculums we receive for reviews to see just how I want to tackle them. Like this one, sometimes our review material can be geared toward more than one of our boys, so I like to know who I think the material will appeal more to. With KinderBach, I watched the first few lessons and printed the worksheets to go accordingly. which was super easy to access under the videos. After I looked at what was ahead, I immediately knew that Kruz (3) and Kolt (5) would love this program and Kollin (7), as much as he loves music, would probably not be immediately head over heels. 

I did ask that all three of the boys participate for this program. Because KinderBach is geared toward all three of their ages, I wanted to be able to give you guys three different viewpoints. The first beginning lessons, Kruz loved. He loved the rhythm dancing (and asked to do this video over and over again), the coloring that was involved and he adored Dodi. At the same time, Kolt and Kollin cringed a little and looked at me like I was crazy to say this was for them. Because I knew the outcome of this program (actually learning how to read music and being able to play the piano) I pretty  much made them swallow their "too-big-for-their-britches" mentality and continue to participate. Kolt began to like it faster than Kollin, which I expected. And Kollin eventually fell into being impressed when he was able to play a song on our little keyboard correctly.

Personally, I really like KinderBach. I think the approach is like nothing else I've ever heard of and was thoroughly impressed with how much each of them learned in the small amount of time. Ms. Gregor imposes so much energy to every lesson and makes us parents that know nothing about music feel just fine. The Teacher Corner provided was wonderful and made preparing their lessons a breeze.

Important Information:

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Price: $130:00/One Year Membership

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