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Science4Us Review

What is is a complete, digital science curriculum. This complete curriculum is geared for the grade levels Kindergarten through Second Grade, can also be used as a great review for Third Grade through Fifth Grade and is based on State Standards. is offered at $7.95/Per Month/Per Child. The team at not only want your child to learn science, but to like it as well.

 There are four main sections to choose from: Earth and Space, Physical Science, Inquiry and Life Science. Within these titles, there are over 350 online lessons to explore. 

Science4Us Review offers the opportunity for your child to learn science at its finest. When first beginning, the parent/teacher may access a Teacher's Resources Guide that will lead you through the lesson at it's entirety and in doing so will boost self confidence in teaching the lesson. All of the modules are based on a Five "E" motive: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate. The first three, Engage, Explore and Explain, are all implemented through online and offline activities. Some of the online activities include videos, games and other interactive lessons. The Elaborate portion of the unit does just that, it allows the student to elaborate and investigate further into what they are learning about. When all is said and done, your child will be evaluated to see just what they learned during their studies. And no worries to parents and teachers, you are able to see exactly what their process has been in the Student Report section. 

Each child has their own Log In information and Lab to complete their sessions in. 

Science4Us Review
What We Received and How We Used It:

Our family received a Six Month Membership to the Online Subscription (for up to four students). With this membership we were given full access to the website, including all of the activities, videos, digital notebooks and teaching resources. 

Because this curriculum is based for both Kollin (age 7) and Kolt (age 5), I used as our leading science curriculum over the course of our review period. We started on Earth and Space, jumping into the History of Earth and following with the Materials Unit and Features Unit. 

The weather just happened to be super nice this particular day and any opportunity we can accomplish school outside, we do! We set up a blanket, our small box of basic materials (construction paper, glue, scissors and colored pencils) and got to work. In these photos above, Kollin and Kolt are working on sorting their pictures of fossils and living things. 

What We Thought About It All:

I have been very much impressed with Once I was able to maneuver through the Teaching Tools, I was able to quickly prepare their science studies. And with confidence, I might add. Science was never my most sought after subject in school and to be honest, I have always felt inadequate in this department. After using, I felt an urge for science to start that day. I know the boys fed off of my own enthusiasm and with much more ease than most days, we breezed through science. 

I would say my biggest rave, other than the abundant resources given with this website, is the balance of the student working alone and also being given the opportunity to have great discussions with the parent/teacher and/or other students. Kollin and Kolt both love their independence while learning and this Momma loves being able to engage in what her kiddos are learning. There was such a blissful happy-medium to this. They had several opportunities to learn alone online and then we were able to sit together and do projects and discussions. Pure bliss. 

The only hiccup we ran into, which I totally expect to in science, is the teaching of Evolution as opposed to Creation. Because we choose to teach our children based on God's Word, I did add that into our study on the History of Earth and therefore had to skip over a few of the videos and activities in the History of Earth module. I do not want my children to be ignorant in only knowing Creation, so I did choose to teach them how some other's believe in Evolution. In order to make up for the few activities we decided to skip, we read out of the books of Genesis and Job. 

Important Information:

Price: $7.95/Per Child/Per Month
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