Sunday, March 2, 2014

First Day - March 2014

So here is an anything - but - normal First Day post from me. It was Wedding Day yesterday for one of my bestest friends and that was my First Day. My kiddos were sort of dispersed among the community - not really, but it sure felt like it. Kollin spent Friday night and all day Saturday with friends and Kruz and Kohen were with my Momma. Speaking of Kohen, he starts the First Day post at Lord knows what hour since he was up all night long puking - thanks Momma for the pictures. 

And here is where I was. Trying to get this set of tired bones out of the bed. 


  1. What's to drink in your Smart Water bottle?

    1. I am so that person to buy a big bottle of water and keep it refilled throughout the week. I drink Sparks from Advocare. Just one a day since Miss Khloe is in my belly. It's packed with vitamins and a shot of some caffeine. I call it Mommy Juice! So anyway, I'll fill my bottle up and a dose of the Spark and then just rinse it and refill with water. It's been wonderous for me since this kid in me HATES coffee.

    2. Ahhhh...okay! I've heard of that stuff I think. I was just curious. I am totally the type to refill as no judging :)
      I just like to try and find different ways to drink water, b/c I know I don't drink enough. Thank you mam!

  2. What a fun, but long day for you. Loved the hair spray next to the spark - two necessities for a wedding day for sure. :)

  3. Hi Kelsey! I haven't seen you in forever, excited to catch up on you and your many little blessings through first day! Glad to see all is well, beautiful day.