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A Week In Words - 03/24 ...

Life This Week - 

As I sat down to recapture this week in words, I was at a complete loss. Seems like this week was like a whirlwind. What the heck did we do all week? That was my first thought. I went back to the 'ole trusty iPhone and looked at pictures - then I'm like Good Lord, we did all that?

Monday was such a wonderful way to start the week. I dropped off the two littlest guys with MawMaw and PawPaw and took Kollin and Kolt to lunch and to check up on Miss Khloe. I love to see them so eager to know more about her and to see her in ultrasounds. This Momma was craving Gezzo's, so the boys were given no other choice in the food department. For the first time, they made their own burritos. Such liberation! I laughed because in the end even though they made their burritos separately, they both picked the same.exact.thing to put on their own burritos. Like Big Brother, like Little Brother I reckon. You can see pictures from Khloe's doctor visit in this post from earlier this week.

 I curled up in the bed Monday night at 7:30 thinking how the rest of the week would be a "we're staying in every day" kind of week. Who was I kidding?

Tuesday morning we were up and headed to the grocery store bright and early. Travis had about an hour between school, having to cut a yard and heading to work at Costco, so we met him for an early lunch. I love when little time slots like this happen and we can see him during the week. Normally he is gone when I wake up and still working at Costco when I go to bed, so even if it's just an hour, I'll take it. The rest of Tuesday was laundry, school and play. 

Oh Wednesday. What a day you were. Absurd amounts of cleaning, a bloody mess and a new couch - I should probably go into some detail there. Ever since we moved Kruz and Kohen in together, the rest of the house has had a bomb go off in it. Because what was the School Room was right across the hall from mine and the Hub's room, everything was dumped in there. Literally, dumped. So that's just what I did the majority of the day Wednesday. Clean, stack, organize, toss, repeat. We had a new couch delivered that afternoon, eeeek! So exciting! Not five minutes into me resting my rump on this new piece of furniture, Kolt screamed upstairs. Not like a "he took my toy" or "I stubbed my little toe" scream, but like a ... and here comes Kolt down the stairs, freaking out with blood I'm certain I had a mini heart attack and those don't happen often. There was so much blood all over his face, in his mouth and in his hands that I couldn't tell what had happened. How horrible is it that I checked his teeth first to make sure they were all still there? Needless to say, Kruz had something "sharp" and "dangerous" (words from Kollin) and after Kollin "saved his and Kolt's life" (more words from Kollin), the metal toy was thrown to Kolt and voila! his top lip was sliced wide open. So here is me throwing the poor, screaming kid into the sink as to save his clothes and my carpet and thinking what the heck would Travis do right now? Pressure and an ice pack. I swear to you that thing bled for what seemed like hours. This was all right before lunch too, so every time I thought it had stopped bleeding, Kolt would open his mouth too wide and POP - blood would start spewing again Kolt was summoned to his bean bag (the new couch was off limits) with a blanket and Turbo - no talking or moving of his lips were allowed. I called in reinforcements, my Momma, to help in the madness of the "bomb" since my efforts were obviously slowed down by a big, fat bloody lip. It's amazing how much we can get done and how much we laugh in the matter of a couple hours. 

Thursday I am certain I scared the two nice AT&T guys that were here to hook up cable (a surprise appointment courtesy of the Hubs at 10am). On top of that I had my friend Samantha over and her three little ones and David (the adopted father-in-law) over to help paint Khloe's room. So imagine this: the two nice AT&T guys trying to quietly hook up cable while some of the children are trying to play in the water faucet on the deck and we adults are trying to shimmy furniture out of what was Kohen's room over the railing in the foyer. Yes I'm pregnant. Yes I lift things I shouldn't. There. I said it. Sue me. The room went from yellow to pink in a matter of hours and Kohen had officially had his last night in what was his crib. Please don't make me go there, I'm liable to have a breakdown. 

Friday was rainy and gross and of course, the perfect day to drag the kids out to go mattress shopping. I mean, what else do you do on a rainy day? Certainly not stay in, stay in your jammies all day and watch movies. That's for non-courageous people. At the end of the day, a mattress was bought and we had a once-again happy 7 year old who was no longer sleeping on the floor - which he only did for a couple nights - which seemed like eternity to him. 

School This Week - 

School this week was what I call "easing back in". We did a little here and there - some reviewing in math, their spelling words and a few little things just to get their brains moving again. Starting tomorrow is our full work load ...


Um. Does mattress shopping in the rain count?

Conversation of the Week - 

Kollin: Mommy, I know why I'm bad sometimes. 
Me: Mmmmkay. Why is that?
Kollin: Well, it's just ... It's because Daddy's not home often to tell me all the right answers. 
Me: (feeling oh-so-sympathetic) Awe baby. I know it's hard right now. But you can always come to me and I'll give you the right answers.
Kollin: Well, not really. Because every time I ask you something you say, I don't know - go ask your Father. 
Kolt: Yea. 
Me: Well. I'm sure sometimes Daddy says to you, go ask your Mother.
Kolt: No. Not really. Daddy knows it all. 
Kollin: Yea. He really does.

Favorite Snap - 

These two love some bath time ...

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