Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Purple Belted Ninja ...

Kollin had his umpteenth graduation this past Saturday and moved up to a Solid Purple Belt.

Kollin started just after he turned 5 in December 2011. He tried baseball and that just didn't get his mojo going. All he talked about was being a Ninja and doing karate. Travis and I had no experience with this department at all, but for Kollin we jumped right in. Right away we loved the purpose of karate, the motivation behind it and we loved the instructors. I have no clue what other studios are like, but Championship Martial Arts is very strict, but loads of fun. Children are taught to have "Black Belt" mentality at home, at school and in the studio. Without respect, self-control, motivation, determination and good behavior demonstrated everywhere, they are not allowed to move up to the next belt. Behavior reports are turned in to the instructors quarterly and are signed by the parent and the teacher (lucky for Kollin, I'm both). 

All of that to say, moving up to another belt is not just knowing forms, new kicks and new punches. It's much, much more. Travis and I are so proud of Kollin for all of his determination in continuing to move up each time. He has had his ups and downs and ins and outs, but overall he has kept going and plans to earn his Black Belt.

Here are some oldies from when he first started and some new ones from this past weekend. 

Y'all - he seriously needs to stop growing up so fast ...

His first graduation and this last graduation. Excuse the poor picture quality on the most recent one. It was an-iPhone-for-a-camera kind of day. Hopefully you can spot him. 

At graduation, each belt group is able to perform the new skills they have learned. The top one is Kollin as a White Belt and the second one is Kollin as a Green/Purple Belt. They officially graduate to their newest belt at the end of the ceremony. Can you spot him?

And you know - the traditional, good ole family shots at the end of each one. And yes, I was pregnant at the first graduation too. Don't judge.

Way to go Kollin! Mommy, Daddy, YahYah and your brothers are so proud of you! Keep focused, stay confident in yourself and determined and you will surely be a Black Belt in the future. 

We love you!

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