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TOS Review - Motivated Moms

Motivated Moms Review
What is Motivated Moms?

Motivated Moms was originally started by two Moms, Deann Polanco and Janet Russell, several years ago as a way to offer other Moms the perfect planning tool to keep a clean home without going crazy in the process. After life changes for both Janet and then Deann, the reigns were handed off to Susan Cramer who is still running the company today. Susan continues on the legacy of offering Moms a great way to keep their homes in order with this wonderful chore planning system.

Originally, Motivated Moms was only offered in a traditional book format. Now we are given two great options to choose from, an app or printable EBook

The app is for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and Android ($1.99 for the first two months and $0.99 for each additional month or $7.99 for the entire year).

Motivated Moms Review

 The EBook format (8.00) can be downloaded and printed. The EBook is offered in eight versions to ensure each Mom gets exactly what she needs. Motivated Moms has truly thought of all different ways to offer the EBook, in color or black and white, with or without encouraged Bible Reading, one day per page or one week per page, half size pages or full size pages. Depending on the layout you choose, there are also extras like a place for your meal planning and spots to add activities. To see all of these unique chore planning options in more depth, please click here

Motivated Moms ReviewMotivated Moms Review

Motivated Moms Review
Motivated Moms Review

On the chore planner, most of the cleaning is done Monday through Friday, leaving Saturdays and Sundays to simple tasks like 'Water the house plants' and 'Clip and organize coupons'. Motivated Moms does not forget the down time either we Moms deserve. On the planner are times for pampering yourself, doing a craft or having fun with a hobby. 

What I Received and How I Used It:

I received the opportunity to review an EBook version of the Motivated Moms chore planning system. I was a bit overwhelmed when I sat down to choose which one I liked best and whereas, the color options were more appealing to me the logical woman in me said not to waste the color ink. I chose the 2014 Motivated Moms Half-Size Chore Planner with Scheduled Bible Reading {Black and White}.

Over the course of six weeks, I used this planner to delegate all of my housework and other tasks like, 'clip the children's nails'. Yep, that's on there and to be honest, I need that reminder. The first week or so was a little rough and I struggled with getting the hang of doing a little at a time. The point is though, for this housework thing to be stress free and once I saw it all coming together, I was elated and oh so ready to make this chore planner a habit. When I came to tasks like 'Clean off the top shelf of the refrigerator' I did not want to leave the rest of it dirty. So I ended up cleaning it out at it's entirety. I know the point of this planner is to do a little at a time, but it was great in the next few days to be able to check off the other tasks like 'Clean middle shelf of the refrigerator' and 'Clean bottom shelf of the refrigerator'. 

Here are a few shots of some of my progress: 

Confession: We've lived in this home for three years and I've never cleaned the oven. It felt pretty good, I must say.
What I Thought About It All:

Let me admit this first: I am the Momma who looks at the big picture of housework. And doing that, I in turn hyperventilate often. This is me: I go to the kitchen to tidy it up, see a dirty sock on the floor, go to toss it in the laundry room which in turn leads me to noticing just how much laundry has piled up, which reminds me to go check in the rooms for all the other dirty clothes, which in turn leads me to all the messes in every room - me.hyperventilating. Maybe a little exaggerated (not really), you get the picture. I struggle with the concept of "a little bit everyday". Using my Motivated Moms Chore Planner pretty much forced me to be the opposite of me - and it worked

At first, I was a little apprehensive - because what did I do? Looked through the whole dang planner and saw all that I was expected to accomplish. 

Deep breaths Kelsey, deep breaths. 

With a little hesitation that this would actually work for me, I punched holes in the printed papers and into a notebook it went. A cute one, I might add. It gives me more umph to get the jobs done. 

When I started, I noticed the majority of the daily chores I already did at some point in the day. Some of them, like wiping down the kitchen, I do several times a day. Then there were others like "Make the Beds" that I did not do. Did you know it takes me less than 10 minutes to make my bed and the boys' beds? Who knew! I know it sounds crazy, but coming into a room with a bed all nice and neat made me breath a little easier seeing all the toys in the floor. Making our beds has now become habit, I'm telling you - it's a wonderful thing. 

I love this chore planner and highly recommend it to all the Moms I know: working in or out of the home, homeschooling or not. This planner can be beneficial to our home, our children and our sanity. 

Motivated Moms Review
Important Information:

Price for App: $1.99 for two months, with $0.99 for each additional month or $7.99 for the entire year
Price for EBook of your choice: $8.00
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