Thursday, March 20, 2014

Operation: Kruz and Kohen Share A Room ...

I almost panicked Sunday night. 

All at once these phrases and thoughts started flooding my mind ...

 "I'm supposed to work the consignment sale this week - TWICE"
"My house is a filthy wreck
"I refuse to let the laundry get behind again
"I have to put together the newsletter for the Women's Ministry before Wednesday
"I really need to get Kruz and Kohen moved in their new room together
"Oh Lord, I have to SHOP the consignment sale too - which means I have to size all the kids to see what I need to buy
"Who in the world is going to take Kollin to karate this week - - he Stripe Tests this week
"Oh I feel so far away from Nicole and Gabe, I HAVE to get to the hospital soon"
"Tagging, pinning and hanging. I have to get all of my stuff ready to sell at the consignment sale"

Needless to say, I grabbed a pen and piece of paper. Fast.

As the week dwindled down on paper, Thursday was the one and only day of rest. And what happened to me this morning? I get up with the ambitious thought that today is the day to clear out the School Room, run to Lowe's for paint and Hobby Lobby for decor, paint the room, move in the beds and dresser and decorate Kruz and Kohen's new room together. 

Hence, Operation: Kruz and Kohen Share A Room went into immediate effect at 10:00AM. 

Yea, so my School Room got the boot. Who keeps having all these kids anyway? I'm kidding. I'd trade my School Room for more babies any day of the week. 

Before today Kollin, Kolt and Kruz shared the bonus room in our house. It's ginormous and has enough space for them to all be more than comfortable in there together. Kohen had his own room and our third bedroom was dubbed the School Room. Technically, Kohen could have been moved in the bonus room with the other boys, Khloe would've had Kohen's old room and I would've kept my School Room. 

If it wasn't for bedtime. 

Bedtime has become a nightmare. Trying to put Kollin, Kolt and Kruz to bed at night has become crazy, insane and I am not a late night Momma. I become a total bear after 8:00. I'm done for the day and it was coming to be 11:30, sometimes midnight before the three of them would leave each other alone long enough to all fall asleep. Kollin and Kolt go to sleep just fine without Kruz in there (he must be the instigator). So I guess my plan with Kruz and Kohen having a room together is this - Kohen will go to bed before Kruz will, he'll have enough time to fall asleep before I lay Kruz down and Kruz knows what'll happen if he wakes up Kohen. So in the end I'm losing a School Room, but hoping to gain as much sanity as possible as we bring in the fifth kiddo to the realm of things. 

Now that I'm done explaining the why of it all, I'll fill you in on what I got done today in the scheme of the operation. The room has been painted a grayish-blue, I'll have the actual paint color name in a later post. At Kruz' request, it has been decorated in a Baseball Theme. 

I got most everything done in here today, with some help from my adopted father-in-law and my cousin Hannah. I still have another frame to purchase, a valance to sew together and I have to arrange their clothes. 

Because I'm weird, I'll show you guys pictures when it is all done. I'm in love with it even now, uncompleted. Eeek! I can't wait to share!

Got any projects of your own going on? Share!

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