Friday, March 7, 2014

The Funkiest of the Funks ...

If you read any of my posts during my first trimester, you know it was a tad rough. Okay, more than a tad. It was catastrophic some days and me getting up to pee was my one and only activity.
 It seems as though those ten weeks slumped me down into a funk. A deep one. One that it was three days at some point before I realized, hey maybe I should take a shower. Don't judge me. I kept my teeth brushed. Most days anyway. My diet consisted of cheese and ice cream and outings were unheard of. My small window of time I had for my Good Lord and my devotion became a time to slide under the covers a little longer and just pray I didn't barf that day. My children were surviving on cereal and Pizza Hut. Not to mention their longing for "just some clean socks" (words from Kollin). In the words of my mother, I'd become a hermit. 

That was December and January. It's March now people and I finally feel like slowly, but surely, I am pulling myself out of this funk.

I started getting up much earlier than usual, whether the boys are up or not. And showering first thing every morning. And putting on fresh clothes. Clothes, not pajama pants and a t-shirt. 

We moved school from the couch back to the kitchen table or school room, depending on the activities for the day. I feel like we are finally getting back onto a good schedule, which makes me feel like I've conquered the world - or at least homeschooling. 

I started the chore planner, Motivated Moms. I recently wrote a review for them if you want to check it out. Having a sensible list that works that I can check off each and everyday has been blissful. It's been keeping me on task and has pushed me to do some real Spring cleaning. A cleaned out pantry, fridge and cabinets can be seriously liberating. 

I started dating my husband again. It seems like all we've had time for each night we can get away is just dinner. And that just dinner is so incredibly good for my soul. Seeing him, talking to him - bliss. It's so, so, so nice.  

I brought reading back into my life! Reading is such a great way for me to escape and for a couple months there, I had dropped the books and was watching way too much TV. I am no "TV is the devil" kind of person, but I was sucked into Switched At Birth, Sister Wives, Parenthood, Friday Night Lights, Clean House and even Teen Mom. Oh Lord, I can't believe I just admitted that. Teen Mom? I pretty much forced myself to quit turning on the TV so much and to pick up my Kindle more. I just finished up our Book Club pick this month, Orphan Train. It feels great to be reading again. 

I started hanging out with my friends again. No longer a hermit! I guess my first real outing with a group was to Noah's Ark a couple weeks ago. Hence all the random pictures in this post. I even texted my friend afterward and mentioned how rejuvenating it was to be out and laughing and talking about Mommy moments. And to get some sunshine in my life. 

I started talking again to my Good Lord every morning. Travis got me this great Homeschool Moms Bible for Christmas and the devotions are wonderful! And fit my life just perfect most mornings. I'm rebuilding this deep connection again with Him and this relationship that pretty much makes or breaks my roles as a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister and Friend.  For so long I desired Him, His Presence, His Comfort and His Guidance. I sort of lost sight of that. And now I'm heading back there. Back to strengthening that relationship, that communication. 

I kicked my horrible Coke addiction and replaced those with water and a Spark from Advocare every day. Talk about rejuvenation. I feel so much better and so much more energized!

I'm getting there. A little at a time. And it feels good to not just be normal again, but to be working on a better Me. 

P.S. Yep - I had an extra kid that day. This is Kollin's longtime pal, Landen.

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