Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Week In Words - 03/03 ...

Life This Week -

Hmm, life this week? Well, I started Project Clean-Out-The-Entire-Kitchen the week before this last one. This is the second time I've done it (one being without child and one being with) and I'm not really sure what triggers this craziness in me. Over the course of about 4 days, some this past week and some the week before, I have cleaned out and organized all of our cabinets, cleaned off the top of the refrigerator (which seems to be our dumping ground, is that a weird spot?), cleaned out the refrigerator and pantry and cleaned the microwave, stove and sink. I finished this project up Monday and Tuesday I tackled the dining room. Sweet, fresh flowers from the side of the road sit on the table and make me smile each time I pass through. 

Note: Never, ever, ever set the oven to clean itself while pregnant. The smell caused me to be locked in my closet in a fetal position with my face buried under blankets. It.was.awful. Travis came home to find me asleep in there. I'm sure he thought I had gone batty. No worries though, I explained myself. 

Kollin was able to spend some one on one time with Travis Wednesday morning, which is rare and wonderful. And Kruz grabbed some on Friday too. Looks like Kolt is next in line because I got mine Friday night. We slipped in a last minute Date Night, which I swear fills my soul to the brim. I love that some japanese and a walk through Home Depot are all it takes to satisfy us. 

I hit 18 weeks on Friday and am rejoicing that I am just 2 weeks away from being half way there. Carrying a girl has been I finally feel like my weight has evened out, I think it was partially the 6 pounds I lost from that stomach bug. This week has been the first I have really felt some energy and I (and the boys) are so thankful for that!

School This Week

Kollin and Kolt are doing so well in school right now and I am really enjoying our homeschool days here lately. 

Kollin is working through ten spelling words a week and Kolt is working through five words a week. A friend of mine came across a site, Home Spelling Words, that we are now using. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday they are simply copying the words in their notebooks and Wednesdays they are asked to create sentences with each word. Fridays are 'Test Day'. 

Science has been wonderful since we started I recently wrote a review about this site, if you want to check it out. Kollin and Kolt love it and Kruz likes to sit through their separate sessions with them. This week they learned about Materials, what's Earth-made and what's Man-made. 

In math, Kollin and Kolt are both on a first grade level. We switched from Math U See to Math Mammoth in January and to say I love MM would be an understatement. This week we finished up the Addition and Subtraction portion. The boys are thriving with this curriculum and I am so happy we made the switch!

Kruz is still working through his little books I pick up from the Dollar Store, he thinks he is something having 'school' like Kollin and Kolt. He is also working on a letter a week and writing his name. This week he somehow snagged some computer time and played Team Umi Zoomi for Lord knows how long. 

Kollin started reading to me every night this week and I am loving this time with him. Right now, he's reading Summer of the Sea Serpent. This kid impresses me with his reading skills, makes my heart swell!


We had a play date this week, I love those! The boys have so much playing with kiddos other their own kin and me and my friend get to chat, vent, share secrets and just let it all hang out. Getting out of the house once a week is a nice breather. 

Conversation of the Week

Kruz: When is Baby Sister going to be here?
Me: Not until after you turn four, so we got a few more months to go. 
Kruz: Is her name just ... Baby Sister?
Me: No, her name is going to be Khloe. 
Kruz: Oh. (thinking) I think I like Baby Sister better. 
Me: Well, okay then. You gonna be my big helper when she gets here?
Kruz: Oh yea, I'm gonna teach her alllll about life. 
Me: Really. What's life all about?
Kruz: Like how awesome orange balloons are and if you poke them they'll pop in your face. And I'm gonna whoop her butt if she's mean to you Mommy. And I'm gonna teach how to eat broccoli and carrots too. 

Favorite Snap - 


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