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TOS Review - Egglo Entertainment

Egglo Review

Egglo Entertainment ( is a company that was created by a Mom, Darcie Cobos, who wanted to find a creative way to explain the importance and true meaning of Easter to her own children and other children in her community. After hosting an egg hunt in the dark one night near Easter, allowing the children to find their eggs by flashlight, this became a huge hit in her community. An idea was born, put into motion and with many other people's help, Egglo Entertainment was created. 

With this Bible verse in mind, "The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it" (John 1:5), Denise has the goal to teach children that Jesus is the Light in the darkness of this world. She continues to use this verse as a theme for Egglo Entertainment. After all, this is her main goal for creating this company, that children will see Jesus as their Light in the darkness of this world. 

Egglo Entertainment uses an interactive storybook, The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure to tell a story about three children and a dog who take off on a wonderful journey. With each glowing egg, they read a new Bible verse and find a clue that will help them continue their journey. Ultimately, they learn the Easter story and in the end know that Jesus is the Light! This book is 40 pages and has wonderful illustrations. A DVD or audio download of this book is also available for purchase. 
Egglo Review

Egglo Entertainment also offers a Program Guide for parents, teachers and church leaders that assist in planning and organizing an amazing way of teaching children the true meaning of Easter. This guide offers 60 pages of goodies like coloring pages, devotions ideas, how-to instructions, snack suggestions and much, much more. Of course, Egglo Entertainment offers all of the stuff you will need to conduct your egg hunt and reinforce The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure like glowing eggs, bible verse scrolls and an array of stickers.

There are so many products to choose from with Egglo Entertainment. Parents, teachers and church leaders can pick, choose and create their own perfect basket full of goodies to create this amazing experience! 
Here are the products offered and the links to see more information on them:

Egglo Review
Egglo Entertainment can be used with children ages 4-13.

What We Received and How We Used It:

In our package from Egglo Entertainment, we received the Glow in the Dark Egglo EggsThe Egg-cellent Easter Adventure BookThe Egg-cellent Easter Adventure (Book Audio Download), Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls and a downloadable Program Guide. Everything we received was of great quality. 

Because we used this product before Easter, I decided to use the interactive storybook as a bedtime ritual for the boys for a few nights with a "surprise" waiting for them at the end of the week. I was able to play the book audio download for them on our computer and I would show them the illustrations as the story went on. At the end of the week when the story was completed, we headed outside in our pajamas and all. The boys were a little shocked and confused that instead of their bedtime story, we were headed to the backyard. We sat together and talked about John 1:5 again and what that verse means to us. Instead of the boys racing against one another to see who could find the most eggs, I asked them to work together to find all of them. In each egg was a scripture scroll and at the end when all of them were found, we read the scriptures together. 

Talk about some worn out kiddos. Bedtime was a cinch that night ...

Egglo Review

What I Thought About It All:

Overall, I am super impressed! Even more so, I am thankful for people like Darcie Cobos and companies like Egglo Entertainment. We live in a world today where holidays have become very materialized. Since the very beginning, we have always taught our children the true meaning of Easter. This particular day is such a magnificent day for followers of Christ and I want my children to know the importance of why we celebrate, not just about the Easter Bunny. Egglo Entertainment has given me the tools, ideas and an amazing interactive storybook to help do just that. 

Need it even be said how much the boys enjoyed this activity? I mean what kid wouldn't want to hunt for glow-in-the-dark- Easter eggs? Kollin (age 7), Kolt (age 5) and Kruz (age 3) all participated in the fun and all of them enjoyed it. This has been one activity all of them have understood on the same level, Jesus is our Light in a world full of darkness.

Egglo Review

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