Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Thirty Five Weeks, Four Days ...

We got to see you again this morning Little Love! And can I just say you have your Daddy's lips for sure and some chunky cheeks. Seeing you is like a breath of fresh air and it just makes this Mommy that much more eager to meet you!

You are measuring right at 35 weeks, which is great news. Mommy has upped her calorie intake (all for you, of course) and so I think this made you gain a little more weight. Hence, the chubbiness in your cheeks maybe ...

Mrs. Lisa said she saw some hair on your little noggin in the ultrasounds! I hope you come out with a full head of hair, I am so ready to clip some bows on you! And if there's not enough, I have plenty of headbands ready to go!

We found out today that Mommy is dilated to a 2. And although you have no clue what that means - one day you will appreciate numbers in this way as much as I do. I'm drinking this tea called Red Raspberry Leaf and taking Evening Primrose Oil, getting all ready to get you here safe and sound. 

You look so much like your brother Kruz in these pictures! All of your brothers are just waiting to meet you, maybe not Kohen as much, but that's okay. I'm sure he'll come around, eventually ... 

Well Baby Girl, we wait. We wait until the Good Lord says it's time for you to make your grand entrance and join this world. Until then, keep fattening up those cheeks in there so I can smooch 'em!

Mommy Loves You!

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  1. <3 She's beautiful!! Keep making them babies girlfriend... :)